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  • Recruitment strategies for a fast growing company and what’s talent on tap

    How do you turn recruitment into a strategic function when your small company is growing really fast? Do you use recruitment agencies? Do you hire an HR person to run recruitment in-house? Do you outsource it at a fixed cost? Or perhaps a combination of the above? ¬†We hire certain roles internally and use agencies […]

  • Live Talent Communities (talent pools)

    The live talent communities or talent pools as some might call them… this feature is an important part of the MyRecruitment+ platform, and it’s something we have have been working with our clients on refining, for a long time now. Our talent community capability allows you to fine tune those communities to perfectly suit your […]

  • Traditional Talent Pools vs Auto-profiling & Intelligent Searches

    Traditional Talent Pools can reduce the reliance on job advertising, and reduce the cost of recruitment. However they have traditionally inherited significant barrier to entry challenges, e.g.: High upfront implementation cost and Data becomes out of date too quickly. The following technology innovations offer HR and recruitment agencies alike, a real opportunity of having an affordable and sustainable Talent Pool system