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  • 6 Touchpoints to Refine for a Positive Candidate Experience: A New Recruit’s Perspective

    Starting a new job can be nerve-racking for anyone, whether that be an entry-level graduate or a seasoned industry professional. Clammy hands and an unsettled stomach lingers from the first ever encounter with the hiring manager, right up until the candidate walks through the office doors for the first time. This concoction of anxiety and […]

  • How an EVP aids Talent Acquisition when Job Advertising

    This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss how an EVP can be broken down into brand pillars to be used as a resource by Talent Acquisition. By developing an effective EVP, the acquisition strategy and media assets required have a clearer direction when advertising for open positions.  Mike Beeley is the CEO […]

  • How do Startups Compete with Corporates for Talent?

    In this episode, I sit down with Bernt Schindler to discuss how small businesses and start-ups can compete with larger brands for talent. There are positives and negatives to both these types of organisations. One is agile and offers exposure, the other may provide superior career progression. Bernt has decades of experience in recruitment, holding […]

  • Should You Hire Entrepreneurs? With Bernt Schindler | Anwar Khalil

    This week I sat down with Bernt Schindler to discuss whether hiring entrepreneurs is a good idea for your business. Is the threat of them leaving your business worth worrying about? How do you best manage that? Bernt has decades of experience in recruitment, holding positions such as the Head of Talent Acquisition at leading […]