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  • The 10 Pillars of End-to-End Onboarding Software.

    Technology has changed the way the world rotates. Business’ have to consistently update their softwares because if they don’t, they risk lacking excellent tools that increase the efficacy and productivity of their organization. Tools that their competitors and other businesses are utilizing. These tools should be frictionless, and simple. Something that integrates seamlessly in the […]

  • Save 50% on Recruitment Costs with Pre-Recorded Video-Interviews

    The average full time corporate recruiter will participate in tasks associated with phone-screening and interviews on a daily basis. The tasks include; reviewing candidates and resumes, corresponding with candidates and scheduling and conducting interviews. These tasks are time consuming without any delay, but things always go wrong… whether it be a game of phone tag […]

  • How an Applicant Tracking System aids Business Growth

    The world is in a constant state of flux. At this very moment, a lot of existing plans, processes and strategies are being thrown out the window to pivot business operations to cater to the ever-changing political, economic and health scenarios playing out across the globe. There are many unknowns. However, there’s one thing we […]

  • Dismissal: Six Tips To Let An Employee Go, Compassionately

    The world faces an incredibly persistent and lasting threat right now in the form of COVID-19 (coronavirus). While it won’t be around forever, it has exposed how vulnerable many industries are to travel and physical interaction. Even those that are not directly exposed are feeling the effects as their customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders reposition […]

  • Seven Key Remote Hiring and Onboarding Tips For Recruiters

    It’s currently a challenging time for many businesses as the world grapples with the reality of COVID-19. ‘Uncertainty’ is a commonly spouted buzzword to describe the situation, and it’s not far from the truth for most. Businesses have little forward visibility of how long the current arrangements are going to last. Employees are not sure […]

  • The 3 Main Components when Building a Company’s EVP

    This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss the three main components needed to successfully build a company’s EVP. The core components are time, information and relationships. It’s essential to collect the right data, be agile in analysis and manage the right groups of stakeholders. Mike Beeley is the CEO of Lightbox Communications […]

  • How EVP’s Aid Talent Acquisition in Assessment and Performance Reviews

    This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss how having an effective EVP and employer brand can make it easier to assess candidates. EVP brand pillars must be embedded internally, managers need to embody your employer brand or you’ll risk a breakdown in the talent acquisition and onboarding process. Mike Beeley is the […]

  • How an EVP aids Talent Acquisition when Job Advertising

    This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss how an EVP can be broken down into brand pillars to be used as a resource by Talent Acquisition. By developing an effective EVP, the acquisition strategy and media assets required have a clearer direction when advertising for open positions.  Mike Beeley is the CEO […]

  • Why a Strong EVP is Critical to a Successful Talent Acquisition Strategy

    In this episode, I sit down with Mike Beeley to discuss how having a strong EVP is essential to building a successful talent acquisition strategy. A powerful EVP is a key building block when marketing a company to potential future employees. Mike Beeley is the CEO of Lightbox Communications and has spent the last 30 […]

  • What’s an ‘EVP’ and an Employer Brand? With Mike Beeley | Anwar Khalil

    This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss the meaning of the term ‘EVP’ as well as the importance of having an employee brand. We take a look at the Australian Defence Force as a prime example of an entity that heavily invests into talent acquisition and building their employer brand. Mike Beeley […]