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  • What Makes a GOOD Recruiter? With Bernt Schindler | Anwar Khalil

    This week I sit down with Bernt Schindler to discuss the key skills a great recruiter should have. Bernt has decades of experience in recruitment, holding positions such as the Head of Talent Acquisition at leading companies such as IBM and Graincorp. Here are our insights: Watch the Video Like reading? Here’s the scoop… As […]

  • 3 Tips to Help Your Organisation Hire for Soft Skills

    Soft vs Hard Skills. What’s the Difference? Soft skills refer to factors that are usually difficult to learn or measure by quantitative methods. This generally means ‘essential’ skills that are increasingly a prerequisite to applying learned knowledge. For example, collaboration, communication and ability to adjust to change are soft skills. They’re largely qualitative in nature […]

  • Why is January so important for recruiters? Plus, how to overcome it.

    The holidays are over…already. Did you get Christmas Day and New Years Day off? And you worked every day in between? I know what you’re counting down to (long weekends aye?). However, it’s your time to step up January recruiters! But until then, it’s time to get back into work and what a busy bee […]

  • Quiz – How Well Do You Know The Australian Job Seeker?

    Are you in HR?  Or a hiring manager?  Or the boss?  Do you think you know all you need to know about Australia’s job market?  You might have to think again.  Here’s your chance to test your knowledge (answers follow the quiz —no cheating!).   The Quiz Q1. When Australians search for employment, are they more […]

  • ‘Googleising’ the job search category presents an opportunity for your own careers page!

    93% of online experiences begin with a search engine (searchenginejournal.com)   The trend of people starting their searches on Google as opposed to going directly to their favorite sites, seems to be valid across all categories including cars, real estate and jobs. In my opinion, such trend presents an opportunity for your careers page. You […]