Tag: Recruitment Strategies

  • Ghostbusters: why ghosting job applicants can be harmful to your business

    Have you ever heard of the term ‘ghosting’? It’s a term typically used to describe one person ignoring the other. This phrase has now crossed into the business world, and in this case, the recruiting process. Having been on the receiving end of ghosting, I can tell you now; it’s not a nice feeling.  Let’s […]

  • The Power of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

    Pre-recorded video job interviews are being used as a tool in the recruitment industry, more and more every day to save time and to select candidates for the next stage – the face-to-face interview. But do pre-recorded video interviews really work? What are the benefits? Let’s find out! First Thing First – What is a […]

  • Organised Employee Onboarding Leaves A Positive First Impression

    I hate chores. They’re tedious, annoying and something I do not want to be doing when I get home from work. I have worked at many jobs in my life from being a social media coordinator to being in a red and white candy dress, serving popcorn at Event Cinemas. Ultimately, this means I have […]