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  • The Expert’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Job Advertisement Template

    Want to attract top talent to your company? While many factors impact the type of candidates who will apply to work for you, few are as influential as the job ad you post. The copy, format, and style of your job ad can all make or break candidates’ initial experiences with your company. Your job […]

  • 3 Features of Digital Onboarding Software that will Elevate your Employer Brand

    Do you want your new employees to rave about their recruitment experience? Tell their friends that their new company is tech savvy, innovative and professional? Share their satisfaction with others in the industry? If so, you need to implement digital onboarding software.   Here at MyRecruitment+, we believe that the onboarding process can determine whether […]

  • 4 Tips To improving Your Employer Branding

    Good afternoon everyone – how are we today 🙂 Ok, there are tons of stuff you can do when it comes to employer branding because it’s simply a marketing exercise and no marketer in the world will ever tell you (they shouldn’t either) that they’re doing enough nor they would say they have enough budget […]


    STUCK IN A VICIOUS CYCLE OF “TOO BUSY” TO IMPLEMENT RECRUITMENT / ONBOARDING SOFTWARE?   WHILE WASTING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS USING INEFFICIENT MANUAL PROCESSES? Well… a try-before-you-buy and a 3-stage rollout approach can guarantee you own a recruitment system in no time, and; with no setup cost!   (1) The fear factor!!! When I think of […]

  • Useful tip for recruiters – Capture screening questions while you’re on the phone

    Do you conduct Phone Screening calls? Do you normally have a standard list of questions that you ask during these calls? Or perhaps multiple lists – one for each position type? Well if you do, then did you know that you can create these lists into our Recruitment Software MRPlus? This means that: You can capture the […]

  • Why do you need a Recruitment Software ?

    Every organisation should have a Recruitment Software – whether they run their recruitment function in-house or outsource it to a staffing company, they still need a recruitment software.? So in my opinion, it’s never black or white – outsourcing or in-house?? It’s always a hybrid of the two and the real question is what % […]

  • How to transform your online recruitment strategy for $100

    Kick Start your online recruitment strategy with this incredible kick starter offer But you must enquire by 5PM TODAY KICK STARTER PACK Only $100 for an entire year of usage Career Page within your website Career page on Intranet for Internal hiring Post to 10 free & Paid job-boards Custom Screening question library Unlimited jobs & ads  |  Single […]

  • Recruitment, onboarding & payroll… live happily ever after

    Special offer to Meridian Payroll users! One week only For $35/user/month you can have full access to myRecruitment+ while integrated with your Meridian payroll. User license includes All 4 MR+ Modules Integration with Meridian payroll Setup & support Unlimited jobs and candidates [social_share][blog_author]

  • Facebook might be the sleeping GIANT of recruitment

    Jobseekers like Facebook ahead of LinkedIn Financial Review article by Ewin Hannan Did you see the article in this morning’s Australian Financial Review by Ewin Hannan? Facebook might the sleeping giant of Recruitment In the article Frank Ribuot the CEO of Randstad said “Facebook might be the sleeping giant of Recruitment” Network of peers versus […]

  • The MOST efficient Application conveyor belt in the WORLD

    We’ve fine-tuned our flagship application processing even further…We call it the “Application Conveyor Belt”! For example, In a single click, you can move candidate James Smith to the “Unsuccessful” stage Instead of the whole page refreshing, now only James’ row will refresh So you can move straight on to the next record – just like […]