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  • The Expert’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Job Advertisement Template

    Want to attract top talent to your company? While many factors impact the type of candidates who will apply to work for you, few are as influential as the job ad you post. The copy, format, and style of your job ad can all make or break candidates’ initial experiences with your company. Your job […]

  • My ticking time bomb experience of digital onboarding at MyRecruitment+

    I’ve just recently joined the marketing team here at My Recruitment Plus.  They’ve asked me to describe my first digital onboarding experience here. Today I’ll be walking you through my past onboarding experiences. To begin, let me take you to the beginning of my working journey, to my first job. I was walking home one […]

  • Careers Sites: Your Primary Recruitment Hub

    If your careers site is just a couple of candid photos and a simple jobs list – you’re not doing enough! Over the past decade, the standard of corporate careers sites have skyrocketed, as companies do all they can to wow top-quality talent and stand out as an employer-of-choice. If your careers site isn’t on […]

  • 3 Features of Digital Onboarding Software that will Elevate your Employer Brand

    Do you want your new employees to rave about their recruitment experience? Tell their friends that their new company is tech savvy, innovative and professional? Share their satisfaction with others in the industry? If so, you need to implement digital onboarding software.   Here at MyRecruitment+, we believe that the onboarding process can determine whether […]

  • 6 Touchpoints to Refine for a Positive Candidate Experience: A New Recruit’s Perspective

    Starting a new job can be nerve-racking for anyone, whether that be an entry-level graduate or a seasoned industry professional. Clammy hands and an unsettled stomach lingers from the first ever encounter with the hiring manager, right up until the candidate walks through the office doors for the first time. This concoction of anxiety and […]

  • HR, The Manager, The Buddy and The New Hire Are On The Same Onboarding Page

    Hiring managers! Setup automation for each pack and let the computer go to work. Computers don’t forget… we do! As soon as it’s confirmed that a New Hire is starting on an X date, why not creating events directly in the calendars of the people who need to contribute to onboarding this New Hire. HR […]

  • 5 Recruiting And Onboarding Tips To Improve Retention

    Sick of having a high employee turnover rate? You’ve tried the great salary package, the ongoing support, and the amazing staff benefits. But still – nada! People keep joining and waving your office goodbye before the rest of your team can even get to know their name! Okay, that may be a little bit of […]

  • 5 tips for creating positive employee experience

    First impressions last! A great recruitment-and-onboarding experience gets new employees started off the right foot and makes them feel positive about their job too.  Both recruitment and onboarding together are what form the candidate’s first impression and the two are tightly interconnected.  Well, clearly you have to start with attracting and recruiting the right candidates… […]

  • 5 candidate experience tips by a graduate candidate – From us to you. By Bianca

    Starting in the ‘big bad world’ as some would say, can be quite daunting, exciting and at times tedious. But, we have to become adults eventually. With that, you want the job of your dreams. It doesn’t come easy, as many of us know, myself included. With evolving Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking Systems, it […]

  • 5 Tips To Better Your Candidate Experience.

    Are you missing out on talent because of your broken and outdated candidate experience?  Are you getting the leftovers and your competitors getting the cream of the crop?  In an increasingly competitive market for top talent, you need to make sure that all the steps in your recruitment process are designed to attract and maintain […]