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  • How video interviewing can get your foot in the door

    Breaking into the workforce can feel next to impossible. Every job listing asks for two or more years of experience for entry-level positions and despite putting your best foot forward, no one seems willing to take a chance on you because they don’t even know you. With every rejection email that pops into your inbox, […]

  • Technology Be-Gone! What happens when you don’t want to change?

    Emerging Technology. No matter where you go, everyone’s talking about it. From formidable claims that it is going to “take over the world” to frightening statements like “your job is going to be over”; quite frankly – you want no business with it. For most of us the idea of change, especially one that promises […]

  • Is the ATS dead? From SAP and ORACLE’s Taleo to the modern platform!

    As recent as ten years ago, a highly customized recruitment software solution used to be a privilege, that’s only attainable by the top corporate of the western world. You needed a million dollar budget to be able to afford something from vendors like SAP or Oracle to be able to plan and implement, a customized […]