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  • How to Use the STAR Interview Method to Hire Great Candidates

    You’re likely no stranger to the STAR interview method. It is considered one⁠ of—if not the most⁠—effective interviewing methods around. The thing is, most articles about it are focused on how job seekers can effectively leverage STAR interview techniques during interviews. There are only a few articles that discuss the use of this method from […]

  • 5 Tips to Help You Improve the Candidate Experience

    What is candidate experience and why should you care? Very simply, it refers to how job applicants feel about your company after experiencing your hiring processes. A great hiring experience will increase the likelihood of the candidate viewing your company favourably, whilst a bad hiring process… well, not so much.  Clearly it’s preferable to be […]

  • Do you exhibit gender-bias during interviews?

    Are you a male recruiter? Do you discriminate against women during interviews? Do you think that you might exhibit an unconscious bias against women during interviews? On my trip back from Melbourne today, I happened to sit next to a highly articulate woman. She talked to me about so-called “unconscious bias”, and how it can lead to gender discrimination. […]