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  • How to achieve workspace productivity using the 5 senses

    Optimise workspace productivity using the five senses as a guide. What do I mean by this? Our senses drive our motivation, focus and attitudes during every living moment. We need to appease these senses as much as we can to remain comfortable. Discomfort negatively affects our productivity. In the workspace, we may find obstacles or […]

  • Why professional work attire may want to loosen its tie

    From the title, you may be wondering what I mean by professional work attire ‘loosening its tie’- let me explain. ‘Loosening the tie’ refers to a workplace easing restrictive or uncomfortable clothing that may fall under the ‘business professional’ dress code. I won’t argue that business professional work attire isn’t necessary at all. Every workplace […]

  • Hop onboard: how to make remote onboarding successful

    There is the first day for everything- school, university, a new job. Today, our first days may appear differently from what they used to be. COVID-19 has introduced us to a world of remote-first days. When onboarding a remote employee, it’s helpful to keep in mind the importance of maintaining a supportive and inclusive culture […]

  • HR, let’s go for a walk

    In our work, we need to come up with comprehensive solutions to ensure that our company thrives. Throughout the working day, we all need a little break to gain some clarity. We need to distance ourselves from the task at hand and find a therapeutic distraction, like the “walk around the block” strategy. The HR […]

  • Why should you treat your candidates as your customers?

    To start off, here’s a bit about me. I come from a Marketing background and when I joined My Recruitment +. I was first overwhelmed by the complex functionalities of the HR product and why they existed. However, I came to realise that even though Marketing and HR focus on different audiences, they actually share […]