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  • How to Guide: Managing your Hiring Manager 

    Arguable one of the toughest challenges for recruiters is to manage the expectations of their hiring manager. Whilst the hiring manager is involved in the recruitment and onboarding of a new candidate, they don’t always understand the true level of work, effort, and time it takes to recruit the most suited applicant.  Misunderstandings are prevalent […]

  • Hiring Without The Hiring Manager

    Hiring a new employee for most companies is a straightforward process. You know the drill. Candidates apply for positions, participate in phone screens and testing, and then attend an interview. Interviews are generally with the hiring manager (but sometimes include another independent person). Following successful interviews, reference checks are normally conducted and assuming nothing untoward […]

  • How to get HR and Hiring Managers on the same page?

      Get in touch for a free trial Let us show you how we can simplify your life and get everyone on the same page. We’d capture your recruitment processes in an simple workflow… and let you trial the system for 14 days. Get Hiring Managers and HR to talk again and live happily ever […]

  • Hiring managers and HR fall in love

    MyRecruitmentPlus enables you to automate recruitment and on-boarding… as well as involving hiring managers & execs in the process… in a controlled way!   So finally HR and the business can work together using an intelligent system and one that… has just the right amount of visibility & collaboration REQUEST-TO-RECRUIT ATS MULTI-POSTING ON-BOARDING Mobile-enabled Career […]