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  • How to onboard a candidate in just 5 minutes

    Onboarding is more than just a formality, it is an opportunity to impress. We have talked about the psychology behind the onboarding process before, but it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is for organisations to recognise onboarding as more than just required paperwork.  The onboarding process is the first time a new […]

  • Careers Sites: Your Primary Recruitment Hub

    If your careers site is just a couple of candid photos and a simple jobs list – you’re not doing enough! Over the past decade, the standard of corporate careers sites have skyrocketed, as companies do all they can to wow top-quality talent and stand out as an employer-of-choice. If your careers site isn’t on […]

  • The 3 Main Components when Building a Company’s EVP

    This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss the three main components needed to successfully build a company’s EVP. The core components are time, information and relationships. It’s essential to collect the right data, be agile in analysis and manage the right groups of stakeholders. Mike Beeley is the CEO of Lightbox Communications […]

  • Why a Strong EVP is Critical to a Successful Talent Acquisition Strategy

    In this episode, I sit down with Mike Beeley to discuss how having a strong EVP is essential to building a successful talent acquisition strategy. A powerful EVP is a key building block when marketing a company to potential future employees. Mike Beeley is the CEO of Lightbox Communications and has spent the last 30 […]

  • Improve the Onboarding Experience Using Automation Software

    The onboarding experience for new starters has typically not been a major focus for organisations. ‘They should be thankful they got the job…’ is really not going to cut it. You’re probably expecting more from your employees than ever before, and they’re also expecting more from you! There are many negative flow on effects from […]

  • 4 Tips To improving Your Employer Branding

    Good afternoon everyone – how are we today 🙂 Ok, there are tons of stuff you can do when it comes to employer branding because it’s simply a marketing exercise and no marketer in the world will ever tell you (they shouldn’t either) that they’re doing enough nor they would say they have enough budget […]

  • Picture yourself at Synlait | great case study of employer branding

      Last May,  we were part of creating a brilliant piece of employer branding – the synlait career site: careers.synlait.com Synlait’s HR team joined the MyRecruitment plus family back in December of 2016 and took up our entire Recruitment Software offering. Soon after they came onboard and started using the recruitment system, our dev team here at MyRecruitmentPlus; began working with Synlait’s […]