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  • The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture

    It’s a topic that polarises students, employees and employers alike; are unpaid internships ethical? Is the concept flawed? Do they promote equal opportunity? Can they negatively impact the mental wellbeing of university students? This blog post will dissect the opportunities and challenges of unpaid internship culture, hearing from the real-life experiences of university graduates.  The […]

  • Case Study: End-to-end Recruitment & Onboarding Software solution at Allity

    End-To-End Recruitment & Onboarding Solution About the MyRecruitment+ platform Requisition approval workflow Recruitment and Onboarding Software Posting + Recruitment Process + Candidate DB & Talent Pools Plus:  Integration with your own HRMS / Payroll With:  Custom-built public career micro-site for your website And:  Private Internal job-board within your Intranet Case Study: MyRecruitment+ for Allity 1) The […]


    Do women feel pressured to hide their role of mum to potential employers for fear of discrimination? Are they worried if they tell a future employer they have a baby or young kids at home, they won’t get the job? Do employers secretly or overtly believe mums can’t do the long hours, they might take time […]

  • Payment Compliance Abuse Is Rife In Some Restaurants

    Our appetite for tasty & cheap exotic cuisine is encouraging poor payment compliance & OHS practices Introduction We all love Asian food, Middle Eastern food and many other exotic cuisines from all around the world, but we also love a bargain too!  Is our continuous search for tasty and cheap exotic food causing downward pressure […]

  • HR in Startups and What Happened at Uber?

    HR dilemma: How do you scale the culture of a startup? Is it possible to scale the culture of a startup and not suppress risk-taking – the essential ingredient in building a disruptive business model and the next uniform? Imagine you are the first HR professional at a new, fantastically successful startup. You notice two […]

  • Learn about volunteer recruitment from a real Australian Open Legend

    Learn about volunteer recruitment from a real Australian Open Legend Julian Emery has 7 times now, recruited and managed the volunteers for The Australian Open Golf. For each of these events, he had to recruit over 400 volunteers and manage them over the 5 days of the event. So I sat down with Julian last […]

  • Beautiful Career Site

    CASE STUDY The SBS Careers Site Beautiful, Responsive and Custom-built 1 – The Company About: Australian public broadcasting radio, online, and television network Company size:   1,400 to 1,800 employees   2 – The Project A responsive Career Site, promoting SBS’s employer-of-choice brand i.e. why should someone work for SBS as well as, a live job-board.  The job-board […]

  • Picture yourself at Synlait | great case study of employer branding

      Last May,  we were part of creating a brilliant piece of employer branding – the synlait career site: careers.synlait.com Synlait’s HR team joined the MyRecruitment plus family back in December of 2016 and took up our entire Recruitment Software offering. Soon after they came onboard and started using the recruitment system, our dev team here at MyRecruitmentPlus; began working with Synlait’s […]

  • We’re full of beans at the ATC Events conference

    Our team is exhibiting at stand #22 Drop by and get a drink bottle and a bag of jelly beans Hurry while they last!   [social_share][blog_author]