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  • 5 tips to reduce candidate drop off

    So many job ads and career sites fail to meet the expectations and aspirations of their target candidates, resulting in low view-to-application conversion rate.  In this blog, I draw the similarities between a standard sales funnel and the candidate application process and then give you 5 tips to help you increase the conversion rate from […]

  • 3 Ways to Decrease Candidate Drop Off Rates

    How can an Applicant Tracking System help Decrease Candidate Drop Rates? Have you ever interviewed the perfect candidate? The one who ticks all the boxes? The one who seems to be the perfect fit for your whole team? But just when you’re excited to hire them and give them the offer – there’s an eerie […]

  • Can modern on-boarding experience reduce drop-offs

    Why On-boarding? Providing modern and seamless on-boarding experience not only will save you 1000s of dollars in productivity, but will also reduce drop-off rate. Some features? Look your best & reinforce the fit Electronic signing of documents Seamless hop-over From Recruitment Single questionnaire for all forms   [social_share][blog_author]