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  • Careers Sites: Your Primary Recruitment Hub

    If your careers site is just a couple of candid photos and a simple jobs list – you’re not doing enough! Over the past decade, the standard of corporate careers sites have skyrocketed, as companies do all they can to wow top-quality talent and stand out as an employer-of-choice. If your careers site isn’t on […]

  • Align HR and Recruitment with Business Values

    You know those radio ads that make all these fancy promises about low interest rates and company transparency but in the last 20s of the ad someone talks reaallyy fast about the terms and conditions? This is similar to when a recruiter (or marketer) sells brand values to a candidate, and when the candidate is […]

  • Have you been quoted $25k… for a branded career site?

    How it works? By 5:00PM today, arrange a demo for a suitable date for you Once you’ve had your demo, you will have 15 days to makeup your mind on using MyRecruitmentPlus and claim your beautiful and free career site. But you have to hurry because this limited offer, is only available to the first […]

  • Branding through Quality ad copy and Consistency

    How does an online ad reflect your company’s image? Not only does it effect your company’s brand, but also changes your chances of securing the very best talent. Your advertisements will make or break the initial impression you make on prospective applicants and subsequently could adversely effect your ability to make placements. To improve the […]

  • Branding your Recruitment Website for your Target Audience

    Who is your target market? What are their interests? What makes them tick? An important rule for tapping into your target market is to know what they’re looking for… then all you have to do is tell them you’ve got it! The attitude of “what do they want” rather than “what do we want “ […]