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  • How to set up a video interview in 4 clicks

    Pre-recorded video interviews are still a relatively new and under-utilised recruitment tool – despite a rise in their use during the pandemic. The problem is, many see video interviews as a replacement for in-person interviews. While they can be used for this, they should also be used alongside in-person interviews. Think of them like a […]

  • How video interviewing can get your foot in the door

    Breaking into the workforce can feel next to impossible. Every job listing asks for two or more years of experience for entry-level positions and despite putting your best foot forward, no one seems willing to take a chance on you because they don’t even know you. With every rejection email that pops into your inbox, […]

  • The Power of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

    Pre-recorded video job interviews are being used as a tool in the recruitment industry, more and more every day to save time and to select candidates for the next stage – the face-to-face interview. But do pre-recorded video interviews really work? What are the benefits? Let’s find out! First Thing First – What is a […]

  • What does the new generation think about job applications

     Some behind the scenes of our data collection. Everyone’s started from somewhere, even Jeff Bezos had no experience once. How do you break through the first barrier of finding your first job ?  We wanted to find the root of what made candidates feel hopeless. After speaking to my friends I had an expectation that […]

  • 5 Ideas to Spice Up your Video Interviews

    Video interviews are the latest, tech-savvy candidate-screening tool for managers and recruiters. However, the general consensus across social media and HR forums is that video interviews are too-commonly disliked by job-seekers. They are often labelled as  impersonal, uncomfortable and of minimal value considering the effort required to complete them.  MyRecruitment+ is here to tell you […]

  • Video Interviews and Live Interviews Comparison (with a fictitious case study)

    The implementation of a remote workforce emphasises the necessity of technology…It’s a scary thought that the fictional movie “The Matrix” is now our reality. This surge of remote working has permanently changed the workforce, globally.  Globalisation hugely benefited individuals with superior shopping abilities, and now remote working will offer superior opportunities and remove limitations in […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Every Recruiter Should Use Pre Recorded Video Interviews

    Why is it that the day always slips away before we can complete our to-do list? Sometimes it seems as though we need more hours in the day to have any chance of getting on top of our work. I’m going to let you in on a secret; the key is to work smarter, and […]

  • Save 50% on Recruitment Costs with Pre-Recorded Video-Interviews

    The average full time corporate recruiter will participate in tasks associated with phone-screening and interviews on a daily basis. The tasks include; reviewing candidates and resumes, corresponding with candidates and scheduling and conducting interviews. These tasks are time consuming without any delay, but things always go wrong… whether it be a game of phone tag […]

  • Seven Key Remote Hiring and Onboarding Tips For Recruiters

    It’s currently a challenging time for many businesses as the world grapples with the reality of COVID-19. ‘Uncertainty’ is a commonly spouted buzzword to describe the situation, and it’s not far from the truth for most. Businesses have little forward visibility of how long the current arrangements are going to last. Employees are not sure […]

  • 5 tips for choosing the best video interview software

    Video interviewing breathes life into applications!  It really helps you learn about a candidate’s soft skills, without the expensive interviews. This is why video interview software is so important. In fact, HR can reduce about 80% of their interview time and save tons of time and money.  I would argue that a 1,000-people organisation, can […]