Category: Talent Pool

  • Weaning HR from the expensive job-advertising lifestyle to talent pools

    I believe that every job advert is an opportunity to grow your own database and talent pools.  Solely relying on advertising to fill all of your vacancies is simply not a sustainable sourcing strategy!   Your end-game as the head of recruitment should be, having a database that’s segmented into talent pools that your team can rely on for filling a big chunk of your vacancies – […]

  • 6 tips to attracting the best talent (Draft for Marijan)

    Do you seem to be missing out on the best candidates you need? Does it feel like you’re always getting candidates better suited for other roles? Do the good ones seem to be attracted to and recruited by your competitors? It’s very simple: Recruiters need to adopt a marketing mindset. So, here are my 6 tips to Attract, Engage, […]

  • Recruitment strategies for a fast growing company and what’s talent on tap

    How do you turn recruitment into a strategic function when your small company is growing really fast? Do you use recruitment agencies? Do you hire an HR person to run recruitment in-house? Do you outsource it at a fixed cost? Or perhaps a combination of the above?  We hire certain roles internally and use agencies […]

  • Live Talent Communities (talent pools)

    The live talent communities or talent pools as some might call them… this feature is an important part of the MyRecruitment+ platform, and it’s something we have have been working with our clients on refining, for a long time now. Our talent community capability allows you to fine tune those communities to perfectly suit your […]

  • Targeted Reverse Marketing!

    Passive candidates are very important in recruitment and stats tells us that only a small number of passive candidates actually go onto job-boards and apply for ads. So recruiters need to be able to contact those passive candidates who aren’t looking for work and pitch their current jobs to those candidates. But it clearly needs […]

  • Traditional Talent Pools vs Auto-profiling & Intelligent Searches

    Traditional Talent Pools can reduce the reliance on job advertising, and reduce the cost of recruitment. However they have traditionally inherited significant barrier to entry challenges, e.g.: High upfront implementation cost and Data becomes out of date too quickly. The following technology innovations offer HR and recruitment agencies alike, a real opportunity of having an affordable and sustainable Talent Pool system