Category: Recruitment Strategies

  • Let’s unpack the employee experience that is onboarding

    First impressions matter. There is no doubt about it. The Association for Psychological Science says we are proven to get attached to our initial impression of others, finding it very difficult to change our opinions once they have been made – even when presented with evidence to the contrary. So, it cannot be stressed enough […]

  • How video interviewing can get your foot in the door

    Breaking into the workforce can feel next to impossible. Every job listing asks for two or more years of experience for entry-level positions and despite putting your best foot forward, no one seems willing to take a chance on you because they don’t even know you. With every rejection email that pops into your inbox, […]

  • From the country to the city: helping young employees relocate for work

    As a former country dweller, I cannot emphasise the daunting transition between the simple countryside and a massive city. The countryside is a place of minimal traffic and large backyards. The city is a place of possibilities, motorways and skyscrapers. When I left the countryside for the big city, I had entered a different world. […]

  • How to achieve workspace productivity using the 5 senses

    Optimise workspace productivity using the five senses as a guide. What do I mean by this? Our senses drive our motivation, focus and attitudes during every living moment. We need to appease these senses as much as we can to remain comfortable. Discomfort negatively affects our productivity. In the workspace, we may find obstacles or […]

  • How to pull your team out of a creative block

    One of the most frustrating things is when your car’s tires get bogged. No matter how hard you push on the accelerator or attempt to push the car out of the mud, nothing prevails. That’s what a creative block feels like. Our minds can get stale and begin to visualise nothing but that dreaded tunnel. […]

  • 8 useful tips when choosing the best Org Chart Creator for HR

    Ninety percent of the best companies in the world don’t have an org chart tool that HR/managers can trust as a reliable and up to date single-source-of-truth.  When purchasing recruitment software, there are many things to consider: A reliable and up-to-date single-source-of-truth, using Saas, custom access levels, position design, remuneration management, hidden costs, set-up, training […]

  • Hard skills vs soft skills: What is the priority when hiring a new employee?

    Today’s million-dollar question: what should be the priority when hiring a new employee; soft skills or hard skills? It is truly dependent on the role, but from my experience, we shouldn’t undervalue or underestimate a candidate’s soft skills.  I want to challenge you to reconsider whether or not experience and qualifications are the only valuable […]

  • Ghostbusters: why ghosting job applicants can be harmful to your business

    Have you ever heard of the term ‘ghosting’? It’s a term typically used to describe one person ignoring the other. This phrase has now crossed into the business world, and in this case, the recruiting process. Having been on the receiving end of ghosting, I can tell you now; it’s not a nice feeling.  Let’s […]

  • Hop onboard: how to make remote onboarding successful

    There is the first day for everything- school, university, a new job. Today, our first days may appear differently from what they used to be. COVID-19 has introduced us to a world of remote-first days. When onboarding a remote employee, it’s helpful to keep in mind the importance of maintaining a supportive and inclusive culture […]

  • HR, let’s go for a walk

    In our work, we need to come up with comprehensive solutions to ensure that our company thrives. Throughout the working day, we all need a little break to gain some clarity. We need to distance ourselves from the task at hand and find a therapeutic distraction, like the “walk around the block” strategy. The HR […]