Category: Payroll Integration

  • Why does your HRMS need to Integrate with Payroll?

    Successful payroll traditionally requires hours of manual labour; inputting data, collecting data, sourcing and cross checking the inputted data with documents and contracts. Automated services, such as end-to-end recruitment software, carries the data collected from request to call, recruitment, offer approval, onboarding and induction and automatically integrates it within the platform. The result? Seamlessly integrate […]

  • It’s a Payroll Disaster! How Software Can Help you Avoid Expensive Mistakes

    When it comes to cash flow, one of the biggest outgoings you will likely incur is payroll. It’s therefore essential to get this right. If you don’t there are major financial and reputational consequences. Recent payroll issues at multiple large companies are providing an opportunity for HR software providers to solve a major problem. Legal […]

  • Integration with MicrOpay payroll is now complete

      Integration with Sage MicrOpay Meridian is now complete Push your on-boarding data… straight into your MicrOpay Payroll System!     My team and I are very pleased to announce, that the integration with MicrOpay payroll is now complete. In a few clicks our users can now, submit all relevant on-boarding information (fields) are pushed from […]

  • Recruitment, onboarding…. and payroll – working in harmony!

      Would you rather get all your HR software from one supplier with the full knowledge, that half of the modules you’re buying are very inferior? What if I told you that integrating the products from two companies would enable you to have the best solution in each category and without any compromising! MyRecruitmentPlus is […]

  • Capture temp rates and send them to payroll

    You can now capture the standard and penalty rates for temp and contract roles. Also, once you’ve found the right candidate, you can then email these rates along with the candidate details, straight to the Payroll guys. Please call support team if you have any questions – we always love to hear your feedback anyway. […]