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  • Start Your Hiring Journey in 2023 On the Right Foot.

    While recovering from the drama of the covid pandemic, it’s evident that things have changed drastically for the future. Hybrid models have been implemented in companies worldwide to satisfy the needs of the current employment market, employees have different needs now, times have changed and maybe so do some hiring practices in HR departments…   […]

  • How can empathy better your staff’s back to office transition?

    “Returning to the office” is a phrase that can cause elation for some and dread in the hearts of others. It has been a regular topic of conversation in many offices across Australia since restrictions have been eased, intensified by large corporations, such as Twitter, announcing their flexible working plans in 2021.  Over 40 per […]

  • Staying creative while working from home

    Today, creativity in jobs is not a plus but a must. Although working from home (aka ‘WFH’) has plenty of benefits, it can also be a buzzkill when it comes to creativity, especially when you’re juggling a day job with a personal life in one place. Your creative hobbies become blurred with job-related commitment, and […]

  • The Future Is Home: 10 Reasons WFH Will Survive after COVID-19

    Working from home has been one of the most controversial shifts during COVID-19. The practice first began to deter workplace transmissions, which proved to be successful from a health and safety perspective. However, unexpected benefits prompted discussions about its potential longevity, which is bolstered by the fact that one in five people plan to continue […]

  • Mental Health, The Workforce Welcomes You

    Let me start by saying this, Mental health illnesses are nothing to be ashamed of. It is not a quality that defines you or an aspect of someone’s personality to be judged. The attitudes of the past are no longer the attitudes of the present. We should not ignore someone’s potential due to their health. […]

  • WFH – The New Frustrating Norm And Resilience

    Frustrating. I think that’s the word of the year. The best way to describe 2021. See, I recently turned 22 years old and I thought at this age I’d be living my prime. I’d graduate from uni, find an amazing job and make friends with my colleagues while also saving up enough money to travel […]

  • Ways to stay motivated during lockdown and working from home.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 or so weeks you’d know that greater Sydney and some other parts of NSW are in lockdown at the moment, and as of today the lockdown has been extended until the coming week.  As you might’ve found, lockdown can be extremely demotivating and can […]

  • Survey Analysis: The lasting legacy of COVID19 | Remote working 

    It’s now been over a year since we all first experienced the effects of COVID19. Businesses were shaken by the sudden necessary measure of working at home. Remote working is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “ the practice of an employee working at their home, or in some place that is not an organisation’s usual […]

  • 2020 Rewind: The HR trends that defined the year

    As 2020 draws to a close and we ring in 2021, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon the year that was. Cast your mind back to 12 months ago… you wouldn’t have believed what 2020 had in store. From the devastating Australian bushfires, to the history-making US election, and the world-changing COVID-19 global pandemic… […]

  • The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture

    It’s a topic that polarises students, employees and employers alike; are unpaid internships ethical? Is the concept flawed? Do they promote equal opportunity? Can they negatively impact the mental wellbeing of university students? This blog post will dissect the opportunities and challenges of unpaid internship culture, hearing from the real-life experiences of university graduates.  The […]