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  • The importance of personality in the workplace

    Personality by definition, according to Cambridge English Dictionary is “the type of person you are, shown by the way you behave, feel and think.” Therefore, it can be assumed that personality will undoubtedly impact the functionality of a workplace. Notably, the fact that employees behave, feel and think differently, adds factors to consider when looking to […]

  • Psychometric Talent Assessment – The unspoken truth about preparation

    I’ve recently moved into a ‘Marketing Coordinator’ role at MyRecruitment+. As we’re a recruitment and onboarding software company, in order to succeed in this position I’ve had to familiarise myself with trending content in the HR industry and topics which are heavily covered and discussed. In doing so, it’s become apparent to me that psychometric […]

  • Has AI revolutionised psychometric talent assessment?

    Technology is continuously advancing, to the point where every work process has a degree of digitality and our workplace procedures can’t be completed without using automations and multiple softwares. Answer me this; do you ever hand write a blog? Or send a letter? If so, you’re not living in 2020. Businesses are beginning to recognise […]

  • Psychometric Talent Assessment: Its history, methods & benefits

    WHAT IS IT. Talent Assessment is synonymous with psychometric assessments. Psychometrics is a field of psychology study that develops frameworks and theories related to testing, measurement, and assessment of metal capabilities. Psychometric is a combination of the Greek words ‘mental’ and ‘measurement’, thus psychometric assessment is the testing of an individual’s personality traits, knowledge, capabilities, […]

  • 5 Benefits of Psychometric Assessments

    Psychometric testing has been globally recognised for its ability to accurately assess the attributes that are the constructs of an individual. Infact, psychometric assessment was used in World War I, and in Ancient China!  Before we dive into the benefits of the psychometric assessment’s, let’s begin with the; what, why and how.  Here we go. […]

  • The 4 Psychometric Talent Assessment Methods

    The inaccuracies of today’s current recruitment process are becoming impossible to overlooked- we’re humans, we make mistakes, we all know and acknowledge this! We can accept the fact that we make mistakes and that others make mistakes.. However, these mistakes can be detrimental in the recruitment process. A mistake could cost a candidate a job […]

  • Introducing Video-Interview based AI-Talent-Assessment

    If you don’t know how to do something, what is the first thing you do? You ‘Google it’. Whatever question you ask, Google will bring up pages of results that consist of hundreds of videos and articles. Videos make the world go round the… When something funny is occurring, what’s your first instinct? To video […]

  • The Business Case for Video-Based Big-5 Psychometric Assessments

    In the corporate world, the process of recruitment is carried out in this order; call-to-recruit, receiving applications, phone screening, live interviews, analysis of candidate’s interviews, final interviews…and then onboarding and training. This process is outdated, time consuming and costly. I’m going to let you in on a secret. I know how to reduce this process […]