Start Your Hiring Journey in 2023 On the Right Foot.

While recovering from the drama of the covid pandemic, it’s evident that things have changed drastically for the future. Hybrid models have been implemented in companies worldwide to satisfy the needs of the current employment market, employees have different needs now, times have changed and maybe so do some hiring practices in HR departments…


Employees have different expectations now that need to be catered for because, in reality, there will always be a company that can offer what your candidate is looking for.


Seeing as the market is so competitive and how the expectation is for employees to be on a hybrid arrangement in many corporate industries, it is seeming that this may be the way the market looks for the near future and says one thing for sure, 2023 is going to be a year of beginning a long term change to the market. Your dilemma is how are you going to be that company that offers what your candidates need?


Gauge The Market

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Firstly as you may know already, listening always goes a long way, maybe when speaking to current employees, listen to what they seem to agree on when voicing frustrations to one another, talk to employees about the market and see what they have to say about it and gauge the accuracy of trends your noticing. Have your knowledge ready before your start recruiting. 


Be Prepared

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Sometimes the urge to get posting while hiring can be too great, you need to be able to control this and be prepared for the new employees to come in.


Ways you can prepare for new talent joining your team can be just as simple as making sure that the work that this person is doing matches what was stated in the job description and in the contract, something as simple as this can improve your employee retention and reduce turnover.


You need to be on the same page as your candidate from the get-go you don’t want them to be doing work that they were never excited to complete in the first place, this is why you can:


Create A Roadmap

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Having a roadmap in place for the projects or work that will be done depending on the department can make a huge difference when trying to improve retention in the new year.


New employees are looking to know what they will be doing in the near future and to not feel a sense of unknown. A roadmap that maps out the rest of the quarter can be a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated so that they know there is an end goal and so they can see it.


The Hybrid Model

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Whether you like it or not, the hybrid model is here to stay and has changed the way we work forever. Many employers hate the idea of a hybrid model as they believe employees lose focus/engagement more easily and also that the culture of having a full office is no longer there.

Clinging on to this ideal world is almost like not accepting grief, you must be able to look ahead and make do with what life has handed to you, and who knows… maybe a positive can come from it. This also can improve how potential candidates view the role from the moment they lay their eyes on it.

This however does not mean that you have to give up on company culture, there are many ways to make sure that your employees still feel that they are supported and not alone like they may feel sometimes at home.


Re-Structure Your Meetings

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A massive misconception in corporate culture is that meetings need to involve large amounts of people to make sure that every employee is on the same page, but in reality, having overpopulated meetings can be detrimental to the focus of your employees. 


Sometimes, overcrowded meetings can lose the focus of its members, it becomes harder and harder to individually connect with people as this group of people becomes larger, this is why slowly some team members may start to lose focus and come out of the meeting yawning or not so sure on what has just been said. 


This is why meetings should be made into smaller catch-ups with team members, break your teams down into smaller groups within the teams and speak to that small group of people this will surely increase the levels of connection and focus your employees have with what is being discussed.



Make Sure They Are The Right Fit

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Making sure that your candidate is the right fit for your company means so much more than checking hard skills on paper, you need to make sure that this candidate is the right cultural fit for your company or your team, having a performance-driven individual can be beneficial from a numbers perspective but can also be detrimental to the way employees work throughout the day and how they view the company culture.


Having an employee who doesn’t positively contribute to company culture is one of the worst situations you could be in as an employer.




Final Thoughts

Making sure that your employees are happy is never something you can just control, people have different wants and needs, you know that, and being prepared for hiring is essential to making sure that the people you are hiring are the right fit and that they are happy.


starting the new year on the right note for your hiring journey is something you can control, however, being prepared for hiring is essential along with making sure that the people you are hiring are the right fit and that they are happy where they are.


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