Why an agile HR platform is better

There is no one size fits all when it comes to HR platforms. From the request to recruit through to the applicant tracking right through to the onboarding, different organisations have different needs. An agile HR platform will allow all those needs to be accommodated through self-serviced customisations. 

With agile HR software, HR managers can make changes to their platform quickly, easily, and at no additional cost. Meaning that platform optimisation doesn’t have to be expensive and takes months.

In this post, we will discuss how agile HR software is different from customisable software and what benefits an agile HR platform offers organisations. 

Agile vs customisable

Customisable is a word thrown around a lot in the world of HR software, but it can be a misleading term. The term customisable refers to the ability for a product to be modified to suit a particular need. While this sounds like a huge benefit, the misleading aspect is that this modification could take serious time and money to implement

By this definition, anything could be considered customisable. With the right amount of time and resources, I could turn my car into a boat, but that doesn’t make my car customisable. 

The same thing goes for HR software, in that if you have to pay 10k and wait two months every time you wish to make a change to your platform, that doesn’t make your HR software customisable. 

For a product to be truly customisable it must be agile. Meaning it has to have the ability to be modified quickly and easily by its user. Instead of seeking help from a professional to make changes, an agile product gives you all the tools you need to make changes yourself. 

5 benefits of an agile HR platform

Changes are quick and easy to implement

Changes and personalisations can be made and implemented quickly and easily. It should not take more than a few minutes to personalise your forms, workflows, communications and branding, meaning you can easily implement changes to the system when needed. 

Self-serviced customisations

Users can make the changes they want themselves without contacting their software provider. With agile HR software, HR professionals personalise their forms, workflows, communications and branding themselves. So, there is no need to use developers and wait days, weeks or even months for simple changes.

This will help HR professionals feel more empowered and less burnt out as they can feel in control of accomodating their own needs efficiently.

No additional cost to users

Customisation is a key feature in any HR software, but it shouldn’t come at a cost. 

With an agile HR platform, users make changes themselves, meaning developers don’t have to. Thus, no service fee should occur.

No set-up fees

Agile HR software gives you the tools you need to piece together your perfect HR platform yourself from day one. You will be given the support you need, but you will be the one doing the setup. So the way I see it, it’d be pretty rude to charge you to set up your own platform. 

The platform can mature with your organisation 

Using minimal resources, you are able to create an optimised HR platform for your organisation that you can continuously update to meet your changing needs. Meaning you are getting the most out of your HR software year in, year out. 

Final thoughts 

Only you can know what your organisation needs from your HR software. So it only makes sense that you should be the one to customise your platform, not an external developer who doesn’t understand you or your organisation’s needs. 

As the old saying goes, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’, so that’s what you should do. Utilise agile HR software, such as MyRecruitment+, to optimise your HR platform quickly, easily and at no additional cost. An agile HR platform is truly better than any, so what are you waiting?