How to complete a job requisition in under 10 minutes!

Like anything else in a business, hiring is a team effort. It may be the HR department that facilitates hiring but recruitment is by no means a one department operation. 

There are many stages in the hiring process, and throughout these different stages, many managers and executives contribute. It is important that those involved in the recruitment process are collaborating throughout the entire process to ensure cohesion. 

The recruitment process has to start somewhere, and that is usually with a job requisition made by a department manager. So let’s start there.

What is a job requisition?

A job requisition refers to the formal internal request within an organisation to recruit. Traditionally a job requisition is a document used by department managers to request to hire a new employee. It is expresses why the role in question is necessary  and outlines a proposed salary range for this position. 

This document is submitted to upper management so they may determine if the role is necessary and if the salary range is achievable. These managers may make amendments to the proposal before approving it for posting.

The process of getting a job requisition approved traditionally could take several weeks or even months. This is one of the major downfalls of manual recruitment, it’s inefficient and can be costly for your organisation. Let me walk you through a different approach to job requisitions that can be completed in under 10 minutes. 

4 Steps Guide

Create a new request-to-hire

Getting a job requisition approved begins with creating a request-to-hire. You will need to select a requisition form from one of your saved forms. Alternatively, you can create a new requisition form should you need to. 

If you chose to create a new requisition form the link provided will lead you to your job portal. Here you can create a customised requisition form that suits your specific needs. Starting with the information you provide about the role to the job approval workflow right through to the offer approval workflow.

Once you have selected the form, you will need to fill out the required job information and assign users to the appropriate roles within the job approval workflow. 

Submit the request for internal approval 

Once you are happy with the information you have provided, submit the form for approval. The system will automatically send it off to be approved by the first person in your job approval workflow. 

Managers in job approval workflow sign-off

Anyone of the managers within your offer approval workflow may amend the form before submitting it to the next stage of the workflow. 

A record of these changes can be seen in the timeline at the bottom of the form. You will also be notified of any amendments made via email. 

This entire approval process can be completed from your phone. A busy schedule that sees managers on the move a lot is no longer an obstacle when it comes to getting approval in the requisition process.  

Once the manager has signed off on the requisition form, the form, with any amendments made, will automatically be sent to the next person in the workflow chain for their approval.

Greenlight to post job

Once all managers and executives have approved and made their amendments to the requisition, HR is given the green light to go ahead and advertise the role. You may want to check out our guide for creating the perfect job ad template, if you haven’t already.

Final Thoughts

Recruiting is a fundamental part of any organisation. To be successful in the entirety of the recruitment process, you need to have a clear understanding of exactly what you are looking for, and what you have to offer in return for the right candidate. This understanding can only come from a strongly executed and well-designed job requisition that is collaborated on by managers within your organisation. 

The competitive edge that a clearly laid out requisition offers you in the recruitment process is second to none, so you must consider its importance the next time you are looking to hire.