How to onboard a candidate in just 5 minutes

Onboarding is more than just a formality, it is an opportunity to impress. We have talked about the psychology behind the onboarding process before, but it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is for organisations to recognise onboarding as more than just required paperwork. 

The onboarding process is the first time a new employee will see how you treat your employees. So, why would you ever want to treat them as though their time was unimportant or unvalued? Handing a new employee a mountain of confusing paperwork to fill out in just two business days is far from showing an appreciation of their time. Alternatively, an organised, time-efficient onboarding process is the best first impression your organisation could make on new employees as it makes them feel as though their time is valued. 

The onboarding process should also be just as time-efficient for the HR department as it is for the candidate. Why should you be spending hours of your time manually sending, receiving, coordinating, and imputing new employee information into databases each time you hire? Simply put, you shouldn’t. It is a waste of your time and resources when there is an enterprise-grade onboarding system that could automate this entire process for you. Let me walk you through exactly how this process works. 

The 5 stages in our onboarding process


Generate Pack

As an HR manager, this is where the magic happens. Here you will be able to fully customise your company’s onboarding process to meet your needs. You simply select from one of our three sample packs to start, or choose from one of your saved packs.

Once you have selected a pack, you can begin your customisation. You can customise anything from the contents of the onboarding pack to the email invite sent to the candidate right through to internal notifications, you can customise it all. 

You can fully edit and create forms within your onboarding pack, but you can also upload videos and documents should you wish to. This feature is a great way to incorporate training videos into your onboarding process without the use of external software. 

You can also fully customise your pack’s landing page, and the email invite sent out to invite the candidate to complete the pack. Helping to ensure your organisation remains holistic in its branding efforts. 

Lastly, before you finalise the pack, you can set up automatic notifications relative to the completion of the pack, and the new employees’ proposed starting date – more on this below.

Now you are ready to send this pack off for manager approval. 

Internal approval

We understand that approval is needed to send out the finalised offer to a candidate. That is why we have approval integrated throughout our entire recruitment system. You need only press a button, and the necessary manager can give their final approval before anything is sent out.

Once the necessary manager or managers have signed off, the offer can be sent out to the candidate.

Candidate completes pack

Within seconds of being approved, your candidate will receive their onboarding pack. The best part is they can complete the pack anywhere as it is completely compatible with mobile devices. 

There is no printing or scanning required. Candidates can complete the entire onboarding process from their phones wherever they are. 

Once the candidate has actioned and signed all content within their pack, they can submit the pack.

Automatic notification

The submission of a pack from a candidate will automatically trigger the SMS notifications you set in the pack creation process. 

You can use these notifications for a number of onboarding related tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Reminding managers of key dates leading up to the new employees’ starting date.
  • Notifying your Procurement Officer of the new employees arrival so they may secure the supplies need for them. 
  • Periodically check in with the new employee leading up to their starting date.
  • Notify the direct manager of the new employee’s commencement date.
  • Assigning a buddy and informing them of the new employees arrival date so they can be prepared.

Information shared to the payroll system

The contents of the submitted pack are pushed through automatically to your company’s payroll system. Meaning there is no need for manual data entry from your end. Now instead you can watch as the entire process is done for you, ready for your new employees first day. 

Final thoughts

Saving your own time is great, but that is not all that is going on here. Our onboarding process is about improving efficiency, as well as, creating a meaningful first impression on new employees. There is something special about a company that takes the initiative to value their new employee’s time. Especially before they are even officially a member of the team. It speaks volumes to who you are as an organisation.