Org Charts: The key to being more efficient and compliant

As a company, you should always be striving for optimum efficiency. An efficient system saves you time, money and countless hours of frustration. What lies in the way of efficiency, however, is a reluctance to change. You have to be willing to adapt and change your systems to create the most efficient workplace you possibly can. There is always room for improvement – a better way to do what you’re doing. It’s time to upgrade from that system you implemented five years ago. Times have changed, rules and regulations have evolved, it’s about time your company caught up so that they can remain both compliant and efficient. So, let’s talk about one such system that could be a game-changer for your company, org charts.

What is an org chart?

An org chart put simply is a diagram that highlights the structure of an organisation. In doing so it shows the relationships and reporting lines within a company, in an easy-to-digest visual format. The practice of using org charts in companies has been dated back to as early as 1854 when George Holt Henshaw drafted the first modern org chart designed by Daniel McCallum. The chart of the New York and Erie Railroad Company, pictured below, shows the division of administrative duties and each duty’s assigned number of employees. In this chart, the level of each employee is shown using both size and relative placement to highlight superiority within the organisation.

New York and Erie Railroad Org Chart
New York and Erie Railroad Org Chart (Source:

This org chart is most definitely a work of art though it is difficult to navigate and its information is limited to the face value of the chart. Modern org charts, however, can offer so much more to companies beyond just a visual representation of their company’s inner workings. The right modern org chart can be a one-stop-shop for HR tasks and the easiest system you will ever have to use – offering your company efficiency by the boatloads. Let me walk you through just how modern org chart software from MyRecruitment+ could be a game-changer for you and your company. 

Advanced data flow 

Organisation is necessary for all aspects of life but it is essential in the workplace. It’s inefficient, time-consuming and irrational to have related data stored in separate databases or worse yet in difficult to navigate databases. Modern org chart software provides both an easy-to-use and advanced storage solution – meaning you never have to worry about where your HR materials have ended up again. Gone are the days of worrying about the consistency of your data across various platforms, in its place is the reassurance that all members of your team are seeing consistent information from you and your HR team.

Easy to navigate interface

It is very likely that what popped into your mind when reading the phrase ‘org chart’ was something along the lines of an excel spreadsheet with colour coordinated boxes. While technically you can create a basic org chart in excel – what we are talking about is so much more than coloured boxes. We’re talking about a fully customisable, sleek, modern system that allows you to create a visual representation of your organisation in immense detail with direct access to relevant data right where you need it to be. 

Visuals are the brain’s preferred method of receiving information. 90% of all information our brain receives is visual, perhaps that is why we have been found to process images 60 000 times faster than text. By nature, we are visual creatures. This means that not only is an org chart catering to your natural preferences but it is also saving your company time. Less time is wasted interpreting information and more is spent on working.

Saves time to save money

Following on from the above point, time is money. It makes no sense to be wasting precious time on tedious tasks that could easily be prevented or automated. The tedious task of combing through databases, file cabinets, and emails is not worth your time and certainly not worth the company’s money. Instead, a better use of your time would be creating a database that anyone in your company who needs access can use to find information in a matter of seconds. Not all org chart software providers offer the feature of custom access levels as MyRecruitment+ does, however, so this is certainly something to keep in mind when choosing your org chart software provider

Helps you remain legally compliant

Our org chart software can even go as far as to help you remain legally compliant when it comes to your employee’s remuneration. Allowing you to show not only each employee’s total remuneration package but also how it compares to the relevant industry awards and enterprise agreements. This feature could be the difference between a long-drawn-out lawsuit that could cost your company massively in terms of both reputation and finance or a compliant workplace with no such quarrels to be had. It seems like a no-brainer.

A modern org chart is so much more than what you see on the surface. It is a dynamic system that can be perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. At its surface, a modern org chart offers a striking visual representation of a company’s structure, while at its core it is the ultimate HR platform where all major HR tasks can be initiated from. Offering a system that utilises the undeniable benefits of visuals to convey information – enhancing both the usability of the platform, as well as, cutting down the time it takes to process information. Creating one of the most efficient systems you could ask for that is fully customisable to your organisation’s needs. On top of all this, it helps your company to remain legally compliant by allowing you to compare your employee’s remuneration to relevant industry awards and enterprise agreements. So, I guess the only question left is why haven’t you got our org chart software yet?