Why CEO’s & Executives Love MyRecruitment+

As a company executive, we know that optimising productivity, increasing ROI, and ensuring smooth operations— is your bread and butter. With MyRecruitment+, you gain access to a suite of functionality that makes your job a whole lot easier.

Our world-class recruitment software levels up your HR department without breaking the bank. It’s simple, intuitive, and easy to use. From the first day of implementation, MR+ helps simplify your HR department’s processes—creating a ripple of benefits throughout your business.

It’s A Comprehensive All-In-One Solution For Your Business.

  • Easy to learn, easy to use.
  • Helps ensure processes are done correctly.
  • Automates & streamlines hundreds of different HR tasks.
  • Optimises workflows, which saves countless hours, and money. 
  • Unlocks more time for HR to focus on strategic, big picture thinking.
  • Levels up your brand experience with a beautiful, frictionless HR system. 
  • Attracts better talent that naturally supports better ROI.

Without Great HR Systems, You’re Likely Limiting Your Business Potential.

Human resources are an underutilised factor of business success. If they are left to drown in admin work, they can’t focus on higher-impact activities that yield company growth. 

Automates & Streamline Mundane Tasks So That HR Can Focus On The Bigger Picture.

  • Finding top-quality talent.
  • Improving company culture.
  • Strategic advancements.
  • Creating great policies & incentives.
  • Boosting employee motivation.
  • Improving retention rates.

Once Implemented It Can Help Maximise Productivity, & Minimise The Associated Risks. 

How would your business manage if you suddenly lost your HR manager? Would you know what to do? Do you know where to look for important documents, or what legal compliances you need to fulfil? Could you find out what stage your candidates are at, or what you need to effectively onboard someone?

With MyRecruitment+, you have everything you need in one place. You can easily create pre-built processes, policies, and procedures in our software that anyone can use. You can even set up a premade onboarding pack to automatically be sent out to new recruits, with everything they need to get started. Whether it’s recruiting new talent, pre-employment checks, roster management, or processing documents—it can all be done in one place and easily managed by anyone.

The Domino Effect Of Outdated HR Processes.

Considering you’re here reading this right now, you’ve probably already hired someone to help manage the HR department. However, if you are using outdated software, things likely aren’t running as well as they could be. But worry not, it is a common challenge for companies that don’t have great HR software in place. 

Here’s an example of the pitfalls of the typical approach…

The First Domino

 A staffing issue occurs that requires new talent to be found.
→  Managers contact HR, to begin the multiple routines associated with recruitment.
HR is drowned in tedious tasks, repetitive processes & reviewing 100s of applications.

The Struggle

  HR can’t keep up with all the work resulting in overtime & potentially burning out.
  Team members are burdened with extra work, stress & pressure while understaffed.
  Managers aren’t happy as they aren’t getting serviced in the best way possible.

The Cascading Effect

  The business suffers because it isn’t maximising its performance potential.
  With all the extra strain, employee retention rates plummet.
  CEOs & shareholders then begin to lose out when KPI’s, & ROI dwindle.
  Resulting in a massive blow to the business that has the potential to snowball. 


The HR Utopia That Awaits You

Beautifully Automated, & Streamlined For Success.

As they say, time is money. When your HR department isn’t able to automate hundreds of mundane and repetitive tasks – you’re pretty much throwing away money you could have saved. 

When you implement MyRecruitment+ software, you can instantly change this. In turn, saving your company money which increases ROI, and opens up more time for HR to focus on business developments. Here’s what that looks like down the chain…

The Best Domino Effect You Could Hope For.

  • Automate all the repetitive, mundane tasks.  
  • Streamline job posting, interviewing, checking, & onboarding processes. 
  • Connect HR, managers, and executives with approval workflows. 
  • Get HR doing fewer admin tasks & more high-grade, strategic work.
  • Improve workplace culture, incentives & people policies to attract great talent.
  • Your business runs better, makes more revenue, & enhances overall potential. 
  • Your CEO & shareholders are happier than ever.


Tame The HR Chaos, & Turbo-Charge Workplace Ethos

When HR is working across several platforms, managing hundreds of different tasks, and trying to get the impossible done before dinner—things can become chaotic very quickly. 

The best way to tame the HR chaos is to create replicable processes that automate much of the work for HR. Luckily, this is where My Recruitment Plus excels.  We’ve designed MyRecruitment+ to be the ultimate HR companion.  Designed to help minimise time spent on the mundane and maximise time spent on progressing the company culture, policies and strategic advancements.

It’s Time To Bring Human Resources To The Strategic Table.

HR should have time to sit down with the division manager, as a business partner. It will empower them to be able to create more impactful changes. In addition, it gives them more rewarding opportunities and career growth.

There is an avalanche of research highlighting how critical company culture, employee engagement, and progressive workplaces are to a successful company. It’s tools like MyRecruitment+ that will enable your HR department to focus more on strategy and nurturing the best condition for business development + advancements.

The Four Horsemen Of A Superior HR Department

Minimising admin tasks enables faster processing of important tasks. Managers are happy as they are serviced quicker, reducing productivity loss and workplace strain. 

HR can focus on more progressive areas that improve company culture, make the departments better, improve hiring quality, employee motivation, and retention rates.


Having enough time to focus on creating a better workplace, naturally attracts better talent. With better talent, comes better business performance. 


There is less stress for HR, managers and employees, which improves overall job satisfaction. Creating a win-win scenario, where everything functions faster, and smoother, throughout the company. 

My Recruitment Plus Improves Everyone’s Experience

Key Benefits For Candidates 

  • A sleek, modern user interface makes the application experience more enjoyable.
  • Their application can be easily completed, with faster communication times. 
  • The candidates can onboard themselves with an onboarding package.

Key Benefits For HR

  • Automate and streamline repetitive tasks, freeing up more time.
  • Able to focus on more meaningful endeavours that attract better talent. 
  • Minimises overtime and common struggles, increasing workplace satisfaction.

Key Benefits For Managers

  • Faster access to higher-quality talent. 
  • Enhanced project visibility and ability to collaborate with HR.
  • Longer employee lifecycles. 

Key Benefits For CEO

  • Improve brand contact points, increasing company likability. 
  • Increased efficiency and better talent result in higher ROI.
  • More peace of mind for CEO and shareholders alike. 


Is My Recruitment Plus Right For Me? 

As an executive, the last thing you want to do is try a thousand different software tools or try to create your own hybrid combinations of a few you like. If you’re dissatisfied with the existing options in the market because they were either outdated, overly complex, or too jam-packed, then you will love MyRecruitment+. 

Our all-in-one platform is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Its super sleek user interface will be loved by both employees and candidates alike. Which naturally levels up both your brand and employee experience.

Impossibly Simple To Implement

Trying new software products can be daunting, and HR tools are notoriously hard to use. You rarely hear user-friendly and HR tech in the same sentence. My Recruitment Plus easily obliterates this stigma.

Our average, our users can get up and running in a matter of days to weeks, creating lifelong benefits. With smart integration, implementation could not be easier. MRP provides all users with unlimited phone and email support. Plus complementary ongoing training with all new features.

Best of all, small companies can use MyRecruitment+ for free, forever. It’s an irresistibly simple update, that can yield powerful results.

The Free, Forever Experience

Perfect for test trying or small companies, it has all the capabilities and features that will help fine tune a HR department. Best of all, this version will be free forever.

The Red Carpet Experience

Perfect for larger companies who require more capacity—we’ll customise the platform to suit your process requirements and company branding.

For HR software that is impossibly easy to implement, & even easier-to-use—there’s no better choice than My Recruitment Plus.