The Power of Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

Pre-recorded video job interviews are being used as a tool in the recruitment industry, more and more every day to save time and to select candidates for the next stage – the face-to-face interview. But do pre-recorded video interviews really work? What are the benefits? Let’s find out!

First Thing First – What is a Pre-Recorded Video Interview?

As you may have guessed, a pre-recorded video interview is a job interview that is filmed in advance by a candidate and then is watched by a recruiter afterwards. Moreover, as a candidate, you are given questions by the recruiter about the role you are applying for. To which you are to film yourself answering those questions to the best of your ability. There is no actual interaction with the recruiter at this point, and your pre-recorded answers will be received by the recruiter once you have submitted them.

What Pre-Recorded Interviews Mean to Recruiters

Saves Time

Time is precious! Time-saving is one of the best pros of using pre-recorded video interviewing software. By using this technology, recruiters can eliminate the need to schedule interviews and, since they won’t be performing the interviews themselves, allow an unlimited number of interviews to be done at the same time. The platform also enables recruiters to shorten the interview by limiting the time candidates are given to respond. These time savings allow recruiters to focus their attention on evaluating the quality of their candidates.

Continually, the recruiters simply watch the job applicants’ recorded interview answers when they have the time. They can easily rate candidates and make comments, allowing hiring teams to collaborate and shortlist applicants with ease.

Widen the Pool of Candidates

Another benefit of using pre-recorded video interviews is that recruiters can widen their pool of candidates. Recruiters can now interview people from multiple areas rather than just nearby. This is especially helpful if you’re hiring for a remote position or a position that is currently a work-from-home job due to the lingering effects of the pandemic.

People can record this video on their own time, which means they won’t miss out on an opportunity due to scheduling conflicts. It allows these candidates who may have been busy during regular interview slots to still participate in the hiring process.

Insight into how Candidates Present Themselves

Pre-recorded video interviews provide a stronger first-round screening process, this is because the recruiters have more of an insight into the candidates. HR author, Daniela Costa suggests that having a structured interview guide allows the recruiter to assess candidates equally and in various dimensions: recruiters can evaluate what the candidates are saying and how they are saying it (body language, facial expressions, etc). This also allows you to make data-driven decisions as you can compare candidate responses side by side.

Furthermore, pre-recorded video interviews recruiters can evaluate candidates based not only on their CV and resume but also on their communication skills. In comparison to screen calls, this method reduces the time you spend on each candidate, therefore, allows you to screen more candidates. This clearly improves your chances of identifying in an early stage of the recruitment process who the best candidates are and move them forward.

Total Collaboration within the Team

Collaboration within the team through using pre-recorded video interviews can ensure the hiring manager and the outside recruiter work stronger together. They can both view the candidate’s answers to the interview questions and decide candidates together, instead of one person reporting to the other, or having multiple interviews – total collaboration. This also goes for other team members, such as the hiring manager and the direct supervisor — everyone can participate in the selection process without having to be present in the interview.

What Pre-Recorded Interviews Mean to Candidates

Opportunity to Express Themselves

When applying for a job, candidates can often feel restricted when answering questions inside a 100-word textbox. Having pre-recorded video interviews can allow candidates to take the opportunity to express themselves and why they feel they’ll be suitable for the job without any restrictions like word limits. This is also a time for candidates to showcase to the recruiters their communication skills and other skills that would be hard to showcase just on a resume.

Candidates can fully be themselves in pre-recorded video interviews. They also have time to fully prepare their answers to the recruiter’s questions, unlike in face-to-face interviews when the questions are unknown. Therefore, the pre-recorded video interviews are a lot more stress-free and enjoyable.

A Beautiful Candidate Experience

My Recruitment+ prides itself on its ‘beautiful candidate experiences’. What does this mean? The beautiful candidate experience is the key to keep attracting the best candidates to your company. Employers also need to create a good first impression on candidates, especially if they don’t get hired. Using pre-recorded video interviews in your recruitment process will show candidates that your company is modern and takes advantage of the benefits new technologies can provide. This will you make you look even more appealing. Also, it will reflect your respect for candidate’s needs, as you provide them with the chance to present themselves and tell you about their motivations and skills without having to take time off or travel.

Saves Time

Following on from that last point, candidates can save a lot of time on travel from doing pre-recorded video interviews. Candidates don’t need to worry about the drive into the office, and finding and potentially paying for parking for a job they don’t even know they have yet.

Instead, candidates will only have to travel to the office for the face-to-face interview when they have been successful in the pre-recorded video interview. Through this, the recruiters already have a feel of the candidate’s personality and will recognize if the candidate is a suitable match for the job. This saves time, as the recruiters don’t need the face-to-face interview to get to know the candidate’s personality and will pick the appropriate candidates to only come into the office, not only based on their CV’s.


Ultimately, recruiters who use a pre-recorded video interview process have many benefits to the hiring procedure, from expanding their talent pool to saving you time, money, and resources. With pre-recorded interviews, it’s easy for the entire team to collaborate and provide their opinion on each candidate. Continually, candidates have the opportunity to fully express themselves within pre-recorded video interviews and have a beautiful candidate experience.