User testimonial for recruitment & onboarding software

WATCH THE VIDEO from the interview.

It’s a life-changer!

The amount of time it saves you on a daily basis in HR is unbelievable!
I constantly have it open in the background
It saves you 2 to 3 hours a day, every day!
We also use it as a quasi-HR-system
Now you click a button and it goes all the way through the system
The amount of time we’ve used it to automate the entire process…

Our producer Caitlin recorded this Zoom interview with Peter last week and I thought it’s worthy of sharing with our HR contacts.

It’s not too bad considering it’s done over zoom – why zoom you ask is because unfortunately Sydney here in Australia where our head office is based, is in full COVID lockdown!  But you know, you’ve got to keep going and I’m very proud of Caitlin and the rest of the team here in marketing who supported her to produce this video especially Bardia and Eddie.

In this interview, Peter talks about his experience using the MyRecruitment+ platform for recruitment and onboarding employees at Data Action.  He also talks about his constant collaboration with both our client success team here at MyRecruitment+ as well as his collaboration with other users including some users who are based in the United States.

As the founder, what Peter did is the ultimate gift that anybody can give me.  THIS IS PERSONAL for me!  The success of this platform is personal for me – it’s related to my pride – sure it’s second to my family but it’s up there – to see my vision coming together and our team and user community growing across 5 countries is most definitely a dream that’s come true!

I hope you find it useful and have a great day!