What are Company values and how do they affect employee experiences?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Values are “the beliefs people have especially about what is right and wrong and what is important in life, that control their behaviour.” 

Company values are the primary drivers of company decisions. They are a set of principles, ethics and morals that are deemed important in business transactions and relationships. Undoubtedly, every company has Company Values. The Interpretation of company values however, might be up for debate. 


What are company values?

Are company values merely cross-channel articulation of notable attributes such as integrity, honesty and other likewise admirable qualities? Leading consumers to believe that your company personifies these values. Although, they are internally perceived as a mere marketing ploy in saving face. 

Alternatively, are company values the execution of principles, ethics and morals? Therefore, although articulated on the company’s communication channels, company values are actually the practical embodiment of noted concepts. Meaning, the values of a company are not what is strived to be achieved, they are what IS being achieved. This is executed through continual implementation of consciously adopted principles that are aligned with the company’s value statement. 

Nonetheless, no matter which perspective resonates the most, both the conveyance of company values across channels and the application are important aspects in the employee experience. There is a lot to be said about the practical reinforcement of company values in enabling a productive and functional work environment. 


Company values enhance or minimise an employees workplace experience 

At the very beginning of an employee’s journey into their new role, it is beneficial for them to understand the values of the workplace they will be a part of. Candidates should consider if the values that are conveyed across company channels are congruent with what was demonstrated by the manager and staff present at the interview. Furthermore, another point for candidates to consider is the presence or absence of company values discussed during the interview process. It is important for candidates to be informed of these values before they transition into a new workplace. Therefore, they can make the right decision as to whether the company is a good cultural fit for them.

Workplace values determine how an employee is expected to carry out their relationships with stakeholders, it is important that values between the company and the employees are not too dissimilar. If the values are aligned then employees can carry out business objectives in alignment with their personal principals, values and ethics. This allows employees to feel comfortable in their job as it eliminates tension between them and the business processes. 

It is unfair for a company to expect an employee to contradict their morals for the sake of the company’s benefit. This reiterates the importance of transparency on company values and how they significantly affect the employees workplace experience. 


Workplace mental health matters 

Mental health matters, in all areas of life. Workplace mental health is no exception. The stresses of work can get anyone feeling uneasy or down from time to time. It is important for company’s to be understanding of the importance of mental health so they can best cater to the well-being of their employees. Headspace Australia explains that employers hold a legal obligation to provide their employees with a healthy and safe workplace under every state’s Work Health and Safety legislation, this is inclusive of mental health issues. 

A company’s values directly impact how employees feel when they are at work. As mentioned before, the value alignment of the company and the employees will affect their career and potentially, personal life. If these values are not aligned, areas of mental health issues may arise if an employee is feeling they are making business decisions against their moral judgement. 

Another important factor in maintaining positive work environments is Inclusivity, this is vital in the workplace. Every employee has individual traits and characteristics. Employees are hired for their individuality and skillset, they should be embraced and celebrated. 


Company values create consistency between teams and congruence in projects 

A company grounded by a set of values can create congruence amongst all departments, projects may vary but the implementation of values stays the same. A large organisation will commonly consist of many departments, departments that usually don’t collaborate on projects and tasks. However, through consistent implementation of values across the board, there will be a lot more room for collaboration when or if deemed necessary. This is a result of shared ethical viewpoints that are to be carried out in business transactions. Creating a harmonious working environment encourages innovation. Communication is essential for a company to attain innovation and progress in their market. As explained by Optum, Communication is the heart of all successful companies.

It is essential for HR and managerial staff to facilitate healthy relationships in the workplace to aid in functionality and workplace morale. If mental health and work-life balance can be promoted at work, the employer will likely see positive business outcomes. Specifically, collaboration between teams will enhance and consequently the business reputation will be positively affected. Therefore, encouraging employee retention and business growth. 


In Summary, the implementation of Company values both through communication streams and practical application will enhance employee morale and encourage business growth. Employees are impacted by business principles, values and ethics. Therefore, it is important to create consistency in the communication on company values and more importantly the execution of these values. Creating a harmonious, safe and healthy work environment will benefit all parties. Mental health matters, put people over production! 


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