How Digital Onboarding provides a positive employee workplace introduction

Busy? Tired? Stressed?
Juggling too many things at once?
… we’ve all been there.

 In the times of chaos, downtime is as precious as gold. However, starting a new job commonly entails a meticulous introductory process. Inefficient onboarding processes, consume your free time and inhibit you from completing other personal tasks. This leaves you feeling like your work has already started before you’ve entered the office. 

In this article I am going to provide general insight into onboarding experiences in the workforce. I hope this may present HR professionals with a new perspective of the onboarding process and how streamlining the onboarding process enables your new employees to begin their career on a positive note. 


How manual onboarding affects new employees 

As a recent college graduate and previously student, I have spent my fair share of time working casual and part time jobs. Some jobs for years, others for months, depending on my university workload and what hours I could provide a workplace. With that being said, I am no stranger to the onboarding process. The hours filling out pages of documentation. The signing, scanning and sending, never seemed to get more convenient. 

I have often found that the execution of the onboarding process sparked my initial perspective of the workplace. The inefficiencies in onboarding processes led me to feel frustrated. I felt rushed, like I couldn’t take my time completing documents. For someone like me, being detail oriented and feeling rushed causes a great sense of uneasiness… I’m sure some of you can relate? 

Previously, when I had been given paperwork to complete,  I commonly felt an expectation to stop what I was doing, complete the paperwork and have it returned as promptly as possible.  Not only did this increase the likelihood of error but in some cases gave me a sense of a rushed work environment. 

I often felt the same investment of time was not reciprocated by HR in responding to my queries, and completing processes so I could progress with my employment. Since my recent employment at MyRecruitment+ I have gained more understanding of the processes HR managers typically follow to be able to progress the recruitment or onboarding process when they are completed manually. I didn’t fully grasp the moving parts and input needed from many parties for a singular applicant or employee to be progressed. 


How HR SaaS Onboarding software encourages employee satisfaction 

When I was sent my Onboarding pack from MyRecruitment+ I was on my mobile as a passenger in a car. The onboarding pack included a welcome video, employment contract, superannuation form, bank form, TFN form and the Australian Fair Work Information Statement.  All documentation was delivered in a mobile-first format enabling me to complete from the comfort of a car with time I would usually be wasting. Within ten minutes I had completed my onboarding pack, filled out, signed and returned. I was not inconvenienced, in fact quite the opposite. I did this in my own time, at my own pace and in my own comfort. 

I felt my time was valued, they had taken the time to streamline a process that meant my free time could be designated elsewhere according to my priorities. I went into my first day knowing that all documentation had been dealt with and my contract had been signed. I had complete clarity of my position roles and my entitlements as an employee as a result of the transparency of the onboarding process. 


Informed employees and Happy HR 

For me, starting my position at MyRecruitment+ I felt equipped for success. It was demonstrated to me in the onboarding process that the implementation of HR SaaS Onboarding is beneficial to both the employee and employer. HR can get back to their real HR issues and utilise their skillset to create a positive and thriving workplace for employees. Therefore, the employee starts their job feeling informed, motivated and valued. 

The efficiency of the MyRecruitment+ SaaS Onboarding software enables a stable career launch for new employees. I hope this first hand perspective encourages you to consider a more efficient onboarding process for your business. 

Let’s work together as HR and employees to create a more productive workplace, where everyone feels valued and their time is respected!