5 reasons why HR should sign-up to our HR SaaS software!

#1 Let HR people do real HR work 

HR has many important roles to play to keep a business running. However, administration can be an all consuming task that distracts HR professionals from focusing on the “real HR work.” It is important for HR professionals to be enabled to focus on tasks that add value to the business. 

The implementation of MyRecruitment+ onboarding software allows for HR to focus on increasing quality of hire, selection criteria, internal collaboration, talent pools and the career site. It is important for the company’s career site to be a reflection of their values and primary objectives. 

Furthermore, The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) needs to be a primary focus of HR, ensuring that all values are accurately reflected throughout the website and are consistent with the career page. Through providing the opportunity for HR to do REAL HR work they can capitalise on their skillset, subsequently elevating their career success. 

  1. Save up to 75% of time in administration to focus on primary HR tasks 
  2. Improve selection criteria and quality of hire 
  3. Improve collaboration amongst managers 
  4. Create consistency in Employee Value proposition amongst platforms 
  5. Allow HR to improve their skill set and advance their career 


#2 Get 500% ROI 

There are two primary ways that a company increases Return On Investment (ROI), these segments are hard saving and soft saving. Hard saving is relative to direct dollar saving in business processes, whereas soft saving is intangible. In HR Hard saving is relevant to the increased hours of free time through the integration of a seamless software onboarding process. 

Soft saving is a byproduct of employee retention,  retaining employees is time saving, culture enhancing and improves efficiency within the workplace. Here is a demonstration of how Implementing Myrecruitment+ Onboarding software gives a 500% ROI… and that’s just on hard savings! 

For example, a 1000 person company would roughly pay $36,000 per year for using the MyRecruitement+. They would indulge in the full end-to-end system. The request to recruit, recruitment, on boarding, cross-boarding, off-boarding and integration within their own payroll system.

This same company would use MyRecruitment+ for approximately 750 employees. Here is the breakdown 

An approximation of: 

250 X new hires
250 X Off boarding
250 X Cross Boarding/ Change of Employment

Through the collation of this data we estimate that our system saves HR and management an approximation of 5 hours per placement. 

Therefore, we would save this same 1000 people company 

750 X 5 hours X $50 an hour = $187,500. 

Equivalent to approximately 5 times the MR+ cost of 36K 

As stated above, this is only relevant to hard saving. Soft saving is a major Return on Investment from the implementation of the MyRecruitment+ Onboarding Software. Experience HR efficiency like never before, by minimising time wasting tasks and investing in seamless automation. Creating a better work environment for all stakeholders! 


#3 Better Candidate Experience

Candidate experience starts as soon as the job application begins. Therefore, It is important for HR to consider the quality of the ad. Are the ads engaging and competitive? If HR are able to focus on real HR work, they can improve the quality of the ads to engage the right candidates. Tailoring job advertisements encourages the right candidates to apply as they become inspired and motivated. 

The articulation of the company’s mission and values across the career page and job ads articulate the Employee Value Proposition. The EVP is increased through alignment of the company’s mission and values across all relevant platforms such as career sites and the company career page. If candidates resonate with the business objectives and values, the talent pool is better from the beginning of the job application. 

The MyRecruitment+ software automation allows candidates to develop a more favourable perspective of their new company. Especially with the onboarding process that allows them to complete their pack from a mobile-first format. Therefore, they can complete their onboarding pack anywhere at any time. This demonstrates to employees that their time is valued by their employers. 

The automation of this process also means fellow employees and managers can refer to a dashboard and be better prepared for new team members. They are knowledgeable of what their role is as they walk through the door, allowing them to better direct them in their induction process. 


Here are two Important questions for a company to reflect on:

  • How do you make the candidates feel in the recruitment process ? 
  • Do your candidates feel their time is valuable to your company? 

The MyRecruitment+ Onboarding software increases efficiency amongst managers and  improves seamlessness of communication with candidates. 

Automation allows healthy relationships to form within the workplace. The employees can connect with HR managers, as HR now have the time to make a meaningful impact on the people in the company instead of focusing on time consuming administrative tasks. 


#4 Stronger Compliance 

MyRecruitment+ onboarding software integrates all necessary steps such as police check and reference checks at a singular checkpoint. This enhances compliance by collating relevant, up to date information of the candidate. The visibility and accountability mean nothing gets under the radar. The employees know the next steps and cannot bypass any step of the process.

 The visibility of the MyRecruitment+ onboarding system enables HR to see if any steps are yet to be completed. This is a monumental benefit and has the potential to eliminate the risk of legal action. Furthermore, this process being completed faster encourages higher candidate retention, as they are not waiting around for the next step. MyRecruitment+ software provides the candidates with a seamless onboarding process. This benefits the company by minimising the time-to-hire.


#5 Better relationships between HR and Execs

HR and managers bring individual value to the recruitment process. HR have broad skills to effectively communicate and comply with recruitment and onboarding legalities. They understand logistics such as fair pay, appropriate questions, regulations, industry standards and enterprise bargaining agreements. 

Managers understand the void in a team, the type of person they need to bring value to their workplace. Managers know the characteristics and skills they require of a prospective employee and the qualifications desired for the position. They embody the workplace culture. It is a statistical fact that people join and leave because of the manager. 

Bringing a manager into the recruitment process allows transparency for the future employee to understand accurately what the job and workplace entail. Otherwise, their understanding of the job and work environment is limited purely to the job application. 

This transparency between the manager and a new team member encourages a practical understanding of position roles and workplace culture. Providing the input of a manager allows for a collaborative decision on whether a prospective employee aligns with the values and objectives of the company. 



Through the implementation of the MyRecruitment+ HR Saas Software many areas of a company will be positively impacted. This software allows company’s stronger compliance, increased productivity in HR, improved workplace relationships, better candidate experience and improved ROI. 

We encourage you to consider these benefits of our HR SaaS Software system to increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace.