Montefiore’s secret to successful in-house recruitment and onboarding

In this webinar, MyRecruitment+ and Montefiore teamed up to provide you with uncensored insight on how you can achieve successful in-house recruitment and onboarding!

Before we dive into the content, I’d like to make a special shoutout to Montefiore and Nicola Ross for making this incredible opportunity possible! It’s been a pleasure working with you.

The video below is an uncut recording of the live session. From technical difficulties to the final questions… this is for you to relive the experience!


The duration of this webinar is an hour and ten minutes…thank you to those that asked questions and stayed the entire webinar! You made our day.

To help you navigate the live session and find the content that is of the highest value to you, we’ve made segments and created a playlist. This’ll help you find what you want to hear faster!



After attending the webinar and watching these videos, if you want to have a play with the software Montefiore uses, simply create a free account and get started. No credit card required and no scam… we’re just here to help elevate your in-house recruitment and onboarding! 

However, if you’d like a tour or explanation, just get in touch and we’ll demonstrate how to use your free account.

MyRecruitment+ is an end to end recruitment and onboarding software. Our enterprise grade software elevates:

  1. Requisition
  2. Job Posting
  3. Recruitment
  4. Video interviews
  5. AI Psychometric assessment 
  6. Digital Onboarding