Has AI revolutionised psychometric talent assessment?

Technology is continuously advancing, to the point where every work process has a degree of digitality and our workplace procedures can’t be completed without using automations and multiple softwares. Answer me this; do you ever hand write a blog? Or send a letter? If so, you’re not living in 2020.

Businesses are beginning to recognise the incredible opportunities technology can offer, such as; remote working, time management, efficiencies, and compliance. AI is computerised, meaning there’s no human error, it’s always accurate and never gets hangry. It’s also highly reliable- it can never call in sick and the algorithm doesn’t sway results in consequence of a bad mood. 

MyRecruitment+ recognises the importance of modernising recruitment, and with the aid of AI, will revolutionising your psychometric talent assessments. Let’s start with the basics!

What is a psychometric talent assessment?

Psychometric talent assessment is a pre-employment assessment that relieves hours of work from hiring managers and recruiters by refining their candidate selection based on scientific research in behavioural science. Psychometric assessment outlines an individual’s emotional intelligence, potential, personality profile, and behaviour. 

The insights offered through psychometrics ultimately uncovers whether the candidate will be a cultural fit to the existing team, and if their soft skills and personality traits are suitable when being matched with the employers ‘ideal candidate profile’.

Problems with previous assessment methods?

Until now, psychometric assessments have been self-reporting based (such as tests and questionnaires), or expensive and time consuming. Self-reporting means the assessment is conducted on the candidate BY the candidate. If you were asked to rate how hard working you were, wouldn’t you say you were extremely hard working? Of course you would, you’re trying to get a job! 

This is the problem of self reporting, individuals will categorise their traits based on what they think the employer would want to hear, not what is accurate. Because of the unreliability, the assessment is ambiguous and doesn’t offer any insight to the employer. 

In order to overcome the bias that contaminates self-reporting methods, a reactor channel is introduced. This is where a panel of 1-3 psychologists interview a candidate and report their findings. Carrying out an assessment in this manner is not only time consuming and incredibly expensive (especially if you have to assess a large pool of candidates), but it can invalid as a candidate under pressure may not portray their true self due to feeling under pressure and anxious. Wouldn’t you if you were being quizzed in front of a panel of judges?

How does AI psychometric talent assessment work?

Are you familiar with video interviews? Video interviews are submitted by the candidate alongside a resume and maybe even a cover letter. Each video answer is roughly 30 seconds long, and the compilation (usually 3) is referred to as a video interview. These are viewed alongside resumes because recruiters can extract more information from listening to the individual speak, and visualising them whilst they talk. It’s like a turbo charged interview that doesn’t need to be scheduled, and can be re-watched as many times as necessary. 

AI Psychometric talent assessment are video interview based. The algorithm analyses the video interview submitted by the candidate to draw conclusions from the visual aids and audio aids expressed. Aspects that are analysed are expressive attributes, such as; the tone of voice, eye contact, hand expressions, sentence structure and word choice.

What does it generate? 

There are two components to the AI assessment. 

The first component is the pre-recorded video interviews that are submitted by the candidate. The contents of this video is the candidate answering the screening questions provided by the employer. The videos allow managers, recruiters and HR to visualise the candidate and watch how they present themselves. As well as this, the videos can be shared so all involved in the recruitment process are provided with identical information in order to reduce bias and evoke a fairer decision and discussion.

Alongside the video interviews is the second component, an AI generated report. The report provides insight on the candidates personality, thinking style and behaviour. The personality profile is based on the BIG5 personality trait framework; Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Openness. How does AI determine where the candidate stands in regards to each overarching personality component?

Years of research and studies have been conducted by scientists, psychometric experts and researchers in order to accurately interpret human being’s psychological makeup. The comprehension of human psychology is based on understanding behaviour; what factors cause what behaviour, how this behaviour is expressed in everyday activities, and how behaviour is correlated with personality. This is called behavioural science and is the foundation of the AI algorithm used in this psychometric assessment. 

What are the benefits?

Recruiter Benefits

The report better matches candidates to the listed job and company by gaining a deeper understanding of who the candidate truly is based on accurate facts that can’t be revealed through a resume or brief interview. 

The truth is the significance of a resume stand alone is unhelpful to the employer, it’s easy for a candidate to state something that is simply not true. How would the employer know? Yes, this might be hinted in an interview, or when conducting a pre-employment skills test. I mean, if you’re claiming to be a graphics designer wiz but can’t work Adobe suit your cover is definitely blown. However, uncovering whether someone is being dishonest about personality and behaviour is more tricky. 

How will you determine if someone is hardworking, punctual and logical before seeing them in action? It’s difficult to do, and is the reason mis-hiring is experienced by every business. You won’t find out that someone isn’t hard working until you see them in the office not doing their work! 

Psychometric talent assessments have the potential to fast-track the information employers learn during a new hires ‘probation period’. By knowing this information BEFORE screening the candidate, employers better invest their time in suitable candidates and increase their retention rate. 

The reports are scientifically valid and their findings are upheld in any legal proceedings, therefore protecting businesses and reassuring managers their recruitment process is compliant and objective.  

The AI generated reports are affordable, don’t require any planning and can be viewed within the hour. The quick turnover time reduces commonly incurred time delays in pre-employment assessments, and streamlines the recruitment process. Therefore, ensuring efficiency without compromising compliance or procedural requirements. 

Contrary to belief, the benefits aren’t just for the employer, they’re also extremely beneficial for candidates!

Candidate Benefits 

It may seem daunting to complete a psychometric talent assessment, but it shouldn’t be! 

I have to admit, at first I was a bit frightened. I was uneducated in the method and what the findings would reveal- my first assumption was that they’re trying to determine whether I’m likeable or crazy. However, now that I have knowledge about the research that the AI is developed on, and the contents of the report, I realise the assessment is mutually beneficial for the employer and employee.

As an employee, you don’t want to work for a company you won’t feel at home in. You spend the majority of your time at work, so it’s critical you enjoy what you do and who you do it with, otherwise work becomes a chore and your performance and wellbeing will suffer. 

Therefore, by completing the assessment you’re actually saving yourself time and energy by better investing your hard work in a company and position that suits your needs, your skills, and your personality. 

You’ll work alongside a team who you can develop friendships with, you’ll work in a role that is suited to your expertise and capabilities, and you’ll continuously progress in your career. This removes the need for uncertainty during the probation period, and you can feel comfortable and secure in your position from day one knowing AI played matchmaker and found your persona to be suitable for the position. 

On a daily basis there are new softwares and tech companies being created because technology is advancing rapidly. Technology is developed to enhance processes and human labour, to be used as a tool and to assist processes to ensure they’re as efficient as possible.

When it comes to making a decision regarding whether a candidate is suitable or not, you must ensure your process is fair and accurate – because if not it not only disadvantages your company but it also disadvantages your candidates. 

AI psychiatric talent assessment is ALWAYS fair, scientifically sound, based on human-led behaviour science research and findings, affordable and quick. Therefore- revolutionary, and an essential tool for HR, managers and executives. If you don’t believe me, test it for free here.

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