Finding Your Soulmate: Recruitment Edition

Before you find THE ONE, you’ll go on many terrible dates, and experience many horrible kisses and awkward scenarios where you’ll find yourself wishing the world would collapse on you… (been there, done that).

Us, as needy human beings, undertake many journeys in hopes of finding the one, and often have to experience the bad before we can experience the good… This same journey is undertaken by HR and recruiters.

Don’t be fooled, finding the perfect candidate is never easy.

You can expect the good, the bad and the ugly. In sickness (I’m talking hard core food poisoning sickies) and in health (Friday arvo drinks… that no one is ever sick for…)

Recruitment & Love, both are equally as challenging.


Let’s just say, the same way there are many fish in the sea.. there’s also many candidates in the sea.

And timing, my friends, timing is everything. (As if I needed to tell you that)

How many times have we answered a call from a bestie and heard “I met someone… but it’s just not the right time…”. I’m sure you’ve even experienced a situation similar to this yourself.

The same way that timing heavily impacts the capabilities of a relationship, it also heavily impacts the capability of a relationship between a candidate and a company.

What do I mean by this?

Okay, so consider the issue of timing that; appears in all classic romantic films, and advice that is given to and from your friends…. then apply it to employees and organisations.

You might meet the perfect candidate!

They’re funny (good cultural fit) and intelligent (required hard skills) AND they’re mature (have the right work experience)…. But you don’t have a position for them at the moment.

UNLIKE romantic relationships, you don’t have to let them be the one that got away…. (If you didn’t sing that to the tune of Katy Perry’s song you read it wrong).

You can keep them on file! I don’t mean on Instagram or Facebook, or even swiping right on Tinder to keep them in your inbox… I mean in your recruitment software.


When HR or a recruiter stumble across applicants that have promising skills but don’t have any current positions that are suited to their capabilities, they can make a tag against their profile so they can easily find and revisit their favourite profiles.

Similar to the image on the right!


Again, not on social media, but as a ‘key-word tag’ on their application. The tag is saved to their profile, and their profile is stored in your recruitment platform database.

Within your recruitment platform you can create as many tags as you like! The limit does not exist… (yes, I did just quote mean girls)

The following tags are for you to draw inspiration from in regards to creating your own tags that are industry specific and company specific:

Talent pool tags are customisable and can be deleted or added to any application. This is up to the admins discretion. As well as this, the admin can review the tags created by users to ensure professionalism and monitor trends and factors that influence tags.

This allows HR to better report on their recruitment processes and implements accountability for the hiring manager, recruiter, executives, and all involved in the recruitment and induction of a new employee.

Now, say you met someone a year ago, and you weren’t single… Oops, I mean you didn’t have a job vacancy!

Now, someone has left and there’s an empty void for you to fill. You can go back into your database and review the applications you have saved!

Here’s a brief of the new position available:

  • A marketer with 3 years of experience
  • Needs to have great social skills
  • Good content creation capabilities
  • Full time work

Therefore, you can search your talent pools with tags similar to:

“Marketing” “3+ years of experience” “creative” “full time”.

Without having to spend any extra money on job advertisements, or invest any extra time into collecting resumes, you have the ability to review your personalised records and reach out to candidates!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call TALENT ON TAP.

Q: What’s the result of utilizing these tags, and building your talent pools?
A: Quality candidates at your fingertips whenever you need.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.

The solution to finding your soulmate in recruitment.

I’m no love guru, however I can provide you with the tools to ensure your organisation hires THE ONE.

Get in touch here, for your personal guide to a smooth sailing journey in recruitment love.