The 5 Pillars of Cloud and Saas Request-To-Recruit Software

The first step of your recruitment process is your request-to-recruit, which is commonly referred to as requisition. This is where you decide what the position you’re looking to hire is responsible for, and what attributes the new hire must have… the soft skills and the technical skills.

What is your current requisition process like?Do you sit down with your HR executives, CFO, and CEO to finalise the attributes of the ideal candidate? 

If you’re still conducting this process on paper then this blog is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. I’m going to show you what implementing a Cloud and SaaS based recruitment software offers your business, and what are the 5 features your software must have!

Pillar #1 Cloud and SaaS

If your current requisition process is paper based, you would have found it extremely difficult to stay on top of getting approval on your requests during COVID-19… how long did you have to wait before receiving your executives approval on your recruitment requests? 

Whilst working remotely, were you in constant contact with your managers and top authority figures? Were they internationally located?

Alternatively, if you are digitally based, do you have a recruitment software that requires you to make instalments every time you want to access your data on a new medium? 

This is why you need a cloud based application

No..I’m not talking about the cloud- no one understands that cloud! I won’t ever be able to explain that to you…

I’m talking about a software that acts like a cloud.

It’s absorbent, and flexible. You can access the data anywhere at any time without any plugins or instalments. 

I’ll repeat. On any device, at any location!

(as long as you have access to the internet of course) 

Save yourself the hassle of regular instalments and purchase a software that does the hard work for you.

I want to walk you through a common misconception…

Many people believe that creating software is simple, quick and efficient! In theory, why not? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to develop a software that is TAILORED to your business’ processes, and content? Seems valuable and easy in theory, but this is where the problem stems. 

Many businesses believe software development and installation is the only cost (or majority of costs).  

This is FALSE.

The initial cost of developing the software is only 30% of the total cost ownership over the first three years… this means 70% of costs throughout this duration is actually consumed by ongoing maintenance and updates!

Do you really want to worry about this?

Of course not, you need to focus on what you do best and let others do the dirty work!

SaaS companies take away all of your concerns and worries, whilst providing you with ongoing support and constant updates and improvements! SaaS companies similar to My Recruitment Plus. 

I know I know, you want a tailored software solution that fits your needs and processes. Here’s a secret… YOU CAN STILL HAVE THAT! 

Enterprise grade customisation can be found! (cough cough, MyRecruitment+)

Imagine a recruitment software that is so flexible that you can mould it to suit your processes, your needs, your wants.. AND you don’t have to worry about development costs! 

Pillar#2  Enterprise-Grade Customisation Capability 

Many recruiters and HR personnel may like the use of paper because paper can be easily designed, re-designed and encourages creativity and customisation. 

A good recruitment software should provide you with the same customisation and allow you to act as though you are free writing! 

No restraints or restrictions!

Your recruitment platform should allow you to completely customise the look of your platform, your file names and location of your data, and the data you wish to collect!

The data you wish to collect should be chosen by YOU! 

What good is having a recruitment software that only collects the data that suits them? 

Through enterprise grade customisation, you can build your own e-forms and make limitless templates that are tailored to different positions and departments. 

The recruiter or hirer must have the option to either select or insert questions in order to collect your company’s desired data. For example:

  • First & Surname
  • Position
  • Remuneration 
  • Employment Type
  • Location

As well as choosing what data to collect and from whom, the data is automatically plugged into your customised platform and inserted in future forms without any labour from the recruiter! The data only needs to be entered once, resulting in data accuracy, data integrity and a reduced workload for recruiters.

Therefore, before you purchase any recruitment software, make sure it’s customisable to suit YOUR requisition, recruitment, and onboarding needs! 

Pillar #3 Flexible To Your Approval Process

We, as humans, acknowledge that every individual is unique in regards to their quirks and thought process…this should also be acknowledged in businesses. 

No two businesses will have the same flow of data, and it’s important that your chosen recruitment software acknowledges that!

That’s why when purchasing a recruitment software you must ensure that the software is flexible and appropriate to your process.

It should allow you to tailor its features; how you input data, where you input, where you send it and who you send it to…it MUST meet the needs of your business.

If this software enables this, it will also enable you to save different approval processes based on department, job position, location and so on. The flexibility, entwined with customisation, allows you to custom the data collected, and the approval process

For example, a retail store might have an approval for in-store roles that follows something like this: 

Hiring for part-time Sales Associate

  1. Store manager
  2. Territory manager
  3. State manager
  4. CFO

However, you will have a different approval process when hiring for head office roles! It might look similar to this: 

Hiring for full time Marketing Coordinator: 

  1. Head of Marketing
  2. Marketing Director
  3. CFO
  4. CEO

When the hiring manager goes to submit a new request to recruit, they will know the process that is relevant for them! They can custom build the e-forms, and select the authority personnel that need to approve the request. 

This can be saved to the platform which allows the form to be sent through the correct approval process without any input from them. 

There can be multiple requests sent out at the same time, therefore providing the business with maximum flexibility! 

Pillar #4 Accessible on Apps & the Web 

A huge advantage of requisition software is the ability to access the platform ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. 

Whether it is through an app, or accessed on a desktop or laptop, once the data is collected and the form is generated the approvers are notified and sent a link for them to click on and give their approval. Those that were waiting on the approval are then notified and the process can move from requisition to recruitment in minutes! 

If HR or recruiters are utilizing MyRecruitment+ they will receive a link in their emails or a notification on their app. This can be accessed regardless of their location. 

This is crucial when partners or employees are working remotely, on leave, sick or out of office. 

Instead of waiting days, or weeks for a response and approval, you can have your requisition approved and be ready to post your job advertisements in minutes!

Pillar #5 Integration With Recruitment Software/Process

I wanted to say this is the key pillar, but that would have meant I said that for EVERY pillar…

Purchasing a recruitment software will increase the efficiency of your request-to-recruit phase by reducing the time needed between communication channels and creating templates that allow quick customization and minimal labour from the personnel in charge of the hire. 

Although these efficiencies are extremely beneficial, a problem will arise if the data from the requisition phase doesn’t integrate with your recruitment process. 

What good is it having a software for one phase if you have to manually review it and input the data to the next phase? 

Your software must seamlessly integrate between each step of your recruitment process in order for the efficiencies to be of any significance. Otherwise the efficiency of the requisition phase is cancelled out by the inefficiencies of the recruitment phase.

Therefore, you must ensure that your recruitment software empowers you through seamless integration of data flow and collection…. all the way from request-to-recruit through to integration with payroll.

That’s all from me today… if you’re interested in experiencing digital request-to-recruit software WITHOUT having to pay click here to experience it for free!