The Business Case for Video-Based Big-5 Psychometric Assessments

In the corporate world, the process of recruitment is carried out in this order; call-to-recruit, receiving applications, phone screening, live interviews, analysis of candidate’s interviews, final interviews…and then onboarding and training. This process is outdated, time consuming and costly.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I know how to reduce this process by gaining better candidate insight before partaking in phone screening or conducting live interviews. I have the solution you needed that you didn’t even know you needed. Wondering what it is? Let’s start at the beginning of your recruitment process.

Your current recruitment process!

When looking to hire, resumes are useful in revealing a candidate’s working history, experience and potential technical skills. Their resume allows you to research their previous work, offers insight into their successful campaigns and educates you on their working standards and expected performance.

The information provided by the resume is only brief… which leads us to the question:

How useful is a resume?

A resume by itself doesn’t paint a three-dimension persona of the candidate. A resume is the small talk between an employer and employee; it’s insightful, but doesn’t disclose enough information to allow you to conclusively determine the real person beneath the surface. You only know their work experience and technical skills.

It’s thought out and re-written over and over again. It’s not authentic or genuine.

So… how do we unearth more about this mystery person?

That’s right, we conduct an interview.

The purpose of conducting an interview is to discover the candidate’s soft skills. These soft skills include; emotional intelligence, communication skills, and problem solving skills.

Whilst interviews are effective at revealing whether (or not) a candidate possesses the required soft skills, and is the right cultural fit, live interviews are time consuming. The interview itself is an hour, not to forget the time required to;

  • Schedule the interview
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Assess the interview post completion

As well as being time consuming, they are subjective, biased and a potential risk during the global pandemic.

Now we’ve reached the problem with traditional requirement process:

Resumes don’t offer enough detail about the candidate’s soft skills… and live interviews are too time consuming.

Before hiring a new employee, the recruiters have to ask questions that are specific to their, industry, company, and work environment.

Questions such as…

Can they work well collaboratively? Or are they more productive when working individually?

What will their performance be like under pressure? And what kind of working environments will they thrive in?

Are they going to get along with my current employees? And will their future performance be up to standard?

These are the key questions a requiter will ask because this is key information in determining whether the candidate is suited for the role.

Although these insights might be touched upon during a live interview, the truth and depth of the answers can’t be properly known because recruiters assumptions are based on the candidates questions.

Have you ever lied in an interview? Or on a resume? Of course you have, who hasn’t! So how do recruiters determine the strength of candidates soft skills?

What can we do to gain in-depth intelligence of our candidates attributes, and soft skills, without consuming too much of our resources (time & money)?


That’s right, psychometric assessment.

Psychometric assessments analyse and provide a break down of the attributes of your candidate and offers extensive, in-depth detail about their traits and strengths!

A psychometric assessment uncovers how an employee will work in specific environments, and what their performance capabilities are like under pressure.

It’s unbiased and accurate! And scales their traits against a strict criterion.. and then explains what their results mean and how it influences them as an employee.


But wait…

Psychometric assessments are expensive…

And where do we start?

How do we psychometrically assess our candidates… do we just ask them an extensive list of questions?

Light-Bulb moment! Let’s use Big-5 Psychometric Assessments!

The Big5 is a psychometric framework that is widely understood and globally recognized. It is based on the core belief that the most common personality traits are:

  1. Openness
  2. Conscientiousness
  3. Extroversion
  4. Agreeableness
  5. Neuroticism

The assessment of these personality traits unearths who your potential employee is, and if they will be a sound cultural fit! The assessment scales the candidate in each personality trait and informs you of what kind of college and employee they’d be. If you’re interested in learning more about The Big5 framework, read these descriptions of each personality trait and how it’s assessed!

Okay, so now we’ve uncovered the solution… we need to psychometrically assess our candidates to unearth their true characteristics and determine whether their soft skills are appropriate for our requirements.

But, how do we afford implement this psychometric assessment? It’s extremely expensive, and to do it for each candidate would be unfeasible!

New Problem: Too expensive!

There are two traditional ways to conduct Big5 psychometric assessments.

The first procedure is for your candidate to fill out a survey that consists of 50 questions and takes roughly 45 minutes to complete. The questions are then marked against a rubric to generate their results.

The second procedure is to hire a trained assessment expert, such as a psychologist, which requires a great deal of money. And, did we mention you need 3 experts? An accurate psychometric assessment requires a panel of experts to analyze the candidate and to reduce researcher bias.

Our light bulb idea was great to start with… but now it seems like the funds it requires is too high, and the risk of candidate drop off is significantly increased! This is an extra step in the recruitment process and comes after the resume, live interview, and interview analysis. So, not only are our costs higher, but our time to hire is also longer…

The most suitable and best candidates are more sure of their worth based on their experience and will be dissatisfied with being put through such a lengthy process that seems inhumane… let’s be real with eachother, would you want to sit in front of a panel of 3 psychologists assessing your personality strengths and capabilities’? Seems more like an interrogation… and certainly causes bad user experience!

Not to mention, a panel with 3 assessors and a candidate is most surely not practicing social distancing rules…

Okay, let’s reassess our position.

We want more information than resumes offer, and to save time spent on live interviews.

Therefore, we want our candidates to be psychometric assessed…

BUT we don’t want to risk candidate drop off and don’t want the assessments to burn a hole in our pockets…

So… how do we make this work?

Solution: My Recruitment Plus Video-based Big5 Assessment.

My Recruitment Plus offers a Big5 Psychometric Assessment that is based off pre-recorded interviews! 

BINGO. This is the not-so-secret secret.

An algorithm that has been developed to assess the same way as a panel of experts analyzes the candidate’s pre-recorded video interviews.

Before we discuss why this is the solution to all your problems, i’ll first fill you in on how big-5 psychometric assessment works.

Why is this the solution? To break it down;

The Big5 psychometric assessment can be completed in minutes, as the technology analyses video interviews that are only a few minutes long. These video interviews can be filmed in any environment, thus enabling the candidate to be assessed in the comfort of their own home! There is no interrogation, and no inhumane experience of being judged by a panel of experts.

Our process is friendly whilst being more effective than both traditional processes discussed earlier.

The AI assessment is accurate and reliable as it lacks human error and pre-existing schemas… there is zero chance of biased results as the technology is programmed against a criteria and cannot make changed based on it’s personal beliefs.

The video based Big5 psychometric testing is affordable and completed in a timely manner, without giving the recruiters any extra jobs and responsibilities.

To sum up the advantages of this feature of My Recruitment Plus, the Big-5 Psychometric Assessment:

  • Save recruiters time by investing their interviews into better suited candidates
  • Humane and catered to ensure candidate comfort
  • Unravel in-depth and un-biased insights into the candidates that can’t be discovered in resumes and live interviews
  • Affordable and efficient

AND decreases the risk of candidate drop off! Candidates don’t have to dedicate a large sum of time to complete the assessment, and the simplicity of the process generates a positive user experience!

Not to mention the increased desire to work for the company because of the seamless recruitment experience… Your candidate’s perceived company efficacy and productivity is formed based on their first impressions, which is the recruitment process! Therefore, by guaranteeing a positive first impression you’ll also encourage candidate participation and passion for the business!

There you have it, the solution to your recruitment problems. We’ve developed your business case for you, and shared our knowledge of the advantages of installing Big5 Psychometric Assessment software!

We’ve walked you through how it works, but why don’t you try it for yourself! Create a free account here, and follow the steps above to test it for free.