HR, The Manager, The Buddy and The New Hire Are On The Same Onboarding Page

Hiring managers! Setup automation for each pack and let the computer go to work.

Computers don’t forget… we do!

As soon as it’s confirmed that a New Hire is starting on an X date, why not creating events directly in the calendars of the people who need to contribute to onboarding this New Hire.

  • HR
  • The Manager
  • The buddies
  • Procurement

Do you want to make sure that the managers, HR, the buddies and procurement... all do the right thing so your company has the perfect onboarding outcome?

Well, that’s what a modern onboarding software should allow companies to do and that’s what my team here at MyRecruitment+ have been able to create and it’s just the beginning – this is going to be a huge ongoing area of innovation.

The way we see it, the onboarding admin people (users) should be able to set up a series of automated events that you want to take place at different times between when the onboarding pack was drafted and until the start date and beyond.

These automation pieces are not always messages going out to the New Hire.

Some More..

For example, a message might go out to a Manager to remind them to get in touch with the candidate.

Some of these automation pieces could be creating an event in the Manager’s calendar based on the Start Date.

The same for the buddy or buddies.

So here at MyRecruitment+ we’ve built and continue to build a super flexible automation system that HR admin users would use it to set up all the relevant automation pieces for a pack (role) only once, and after that, every time you go to onboard a New Hire, all these automation will take place.

You just need to set the start date, who the manager(s) are, the HR people, the buddy(s) etc… and that’s it.

It all works and you don’t miss a thing

It’ll help you to always be organised and make your company look good in the eyes of the New Hire.


Another thing that’s just as important as the automation is the communication channels that are available to the various onboarding parties to communicate over.

Sharing plus, Instant notifications, SMS, Email, Slack Channel… etc. are the perfect capabilities for building consensus on candidates with other people in the business


a sharing functionality lets the HR team, the hiring managers and the executives… be on the same page.

Think of it as a simple and private forum that you can control… in order to gather approval or feedback on a candidate.


How does it work?

Tick the candidates you want feedback on and send a sharing invitation to people in the business.

The people you’re inviting the feedback form, click on a link in an email and they’re ready to join the conversation.

As soon as anybody offers feedback, an instant notification lets you know, that you have an update on the discussion.

This feature has proven to be a big hit with our clients, who now use it in ways we never envisaged when we first designed it.


Sharing page as a final approval before making offers

Some of our clients, for example, use it for “Second round of approval” i.e. they use it to get final approval on a candidate prior to making them the job offer.

The feature is included in our live trial and so we’ll make sure it’s all set up for you to use, during your trial.

Get in touch with me now for either a demo or for a confidential discussion about your recruitment environment.



Figure 1: Screenshot of Instant Notifications indicating the candidates that have received feedback.


Get in touch with myself or support if you have any questions about the Sharing or Instant Notification features.

Until Next Time, Take Care



Until next time, Take Care!