The essence of an end-to-end recruitment & onboarding solution

end-to-end recruitment software

For an end-to-end recruitment & onboarding solution to be effective and adopted by all stakeholders… the data has to flow from requisition to recruitment, into the onboarding stage and find itself even inside the contract.

Salary, bonus, commission, car, laptop, IT system access, tools, uniforms, start date, etc.. you want this data to flow freely from the approval form… and all the way to the contract. However, some of the information needs to be editable by various stakeholders throughout the process. There are a number of onboarding platforms out there but most of them don’t integrate well with the rest of the stages of the process.  The information lives in silos:  Requisition, recruitment, and onboarding.


1)  Requisition Approval (request-to-hire form)

During the requisition approval, the hiring managers submit their hiring requirements to management for approval and so the hiring managers fill out an online form where they specify the exact details about the role, including information like:

  • Remuneration details
  • Allowances/entitlements:  Car, phone, uniform, shoes…
  • Access to IT systems
  • Start Date
  • Their advertising budget and prefer sourcing strategy
  • …etc.

 end-to-end recruitment software

2)  Recruitment


The person who’s setting the advertising… HR or the hiring manager themselves now have all the visibility they need to create and post their adverts. They know how to explain the remuneration (when relevant), the entitlements in their adverts.

But what’s even better, is that this data should even automatically flow into the various parts of the adverts – so they shouldn’t even have to copy and paste this data into the advert.


During the shortlisting everyone involved in the shortlisting process is on the same page. So they can make decisions based on the specs of the jobs that are captured by the request-to-hire.

Interviewing – over the phone or in person

During communications with candidates, the team can now talk about what the job offers and they know the parameters they need to work within.

Verbal offer

When making a verbal offer to the candidate the requisition information should make it very clear what you can and can not say or do. In particular, with things like remunerations and entitlements.  What’s even better is that a letter of offer can be generated based on a template. So that picks up the key information such as remuneration… directly from the requisition data (form).

end-to-end recruitment

3)  Onboarding

During the onboarding process, you want the contract for example… to also pick up the relevant information directly from the approved requisition form.


It’s one thing to have great functionalities within your recruitment & onboarding software, but all the modules have to talk to each other!  You’ve got to have visibility between all the modules so your data is freely flowing from the A to Z of all the features.


The Summary of end-to-end recruitment software…

Flow data, flow!!!  That’s when the magic starts to happen. When the relevant data is accessible, relevant and meaningful to those involved in the process… voila! This is the goal of end-to-end recruitment and onboarding software. It makes everyone’s job easier and delivers a better outcome to the candidate. Not to mention all the cost and time savings along the way!

Don’t forget that the MyRecruitment+ platform has a free plan. That’s just enough for small companies to use it forever for free… and it’s perfect for large companies to use it for testing.

Feel free to start a free plan and experience some end-to-end recruitment and onboarding software magic 🙂

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