Why is January so important for recruiters? Plus, how to overcome it.

The holidays are over…already. Did you get Christmas Day and New Years Day off? And you worked every day in between? I know what you’re counting down to (long weekends aye?). However, it’s your time to step up January recruiters!

But until then, it’s time to get back into work and what a busy bee you will be. You might be thinking of taking it slow and steady, and even believe you have all the time in the world to get back into things. Don’t think like that; it’s actually the perfect time to smash the new year and update your Recruitment Software.

Why is it so important for January Recruiters?

It’s the busiest month in the year for all recruiters, for obvious reasons, but why has it become such an epidemic of chaos and mayhem? Why is this month the most important for you? Everyone tends to get the whole: ‘new year, new me‘ saying, where everyone has the time to reflect (whether they like it or not) on their job and if it fulfils them.

I used to dread the end of year gatherings and Christmas festivities. In walks my Tio (translation: uncle for those none Spanish speakers), and here it comes… “how’s work? Are you planning on getting a ‘better’ job next year”? Oh, the pressure and slight disappointment in his voice. It does help in pushing people to apply for new jobs, gotta hand it to that. So because of that new year vibe, January sees a massive flood of candidates applying for jobs. LinkedIn gets an enormous flow of job slot traffic in January and February, with an incline of 250%.

Not only that, but many employees tend to wait until their end of year bonus before applying for a new position. Once they receive all their incentives, they feel the security and comfort to reach out to recruiters and make their move.

Besides the candidates, it’s also the period where clients have completed their yearly budget and know what they can and cannot play around with when it comes to expenses in recruitment. With upcoming interviews and notice periods, this month is ideal for you to make your way right into place. It will set you up for the first quarter, and fingers crossed all the way until the end of the year.

You can make the start of the year a smooth process, and a successful one at that.

Here’s how to power through in the new year:

1. Think and spread out your goals.

january recruiters
January is the time not to get ahead of yourself. You have your KPIs, and you may even decide to split them into separate components, such as quarterly, monthly or weekly. It’s an excellent strategy to organise yourself, but it can be restrictive.

Think about how the year is set out and where your busy and quiet periods reside. Power through the work by setting smaller targets. Strategise how you’re going to complete your set tasks, and do extra when you can to even exceed and surpass your annual goals.


2. Stand out and make sure you are noticed.


It’s the new year and your competition are scouting and hungry for new talent. How can you make sure that you’re at the top of the list? Think about marketing, how the companies social media is seen and your branding of the company. Make your branding unique, and focus on what your USP will be able to bring to potential talent and clients.

3. Focus on your BD and CRM.

Set your target for current and future clients, and even focus on reaching for new heights. January is the perfect time for you to reflect on your current clients and assess how much they are spending and what you should be giving back to attain that.

january recruiters

Aim for the big fish and always think ahead for any possibility. You may lose clients in the new year, so branch out and network to target new clients who will continue what past clients left behind.Stay focused, and target opportunities that you know are not prowled upon by other competitors. Build your relationships and maintain them through customer interaction and understand your companies customer retention.

4. Update your recruitment software.

january recruiters

Have you checked your recruitment software and applicant tracking system? Have you identified any weak areas that need improving? If you were to use it yourself would your experience be a positive and productive one? By using the correct software, as well as software that is beneficial for your company, it makes a huge difference in the exposure of clientele and talent it attains. Your competitors will be reaping all the rewards by gaining the candidates you want, but can’t apprehend.


Once you get into the nick of things as they like to say, you’ll be able to power through this period of the new year. January can definitely feel like a rollercoaster with all its ups and downs, but one thing remains for sure; it’s not going anywhere. Here’s to this January, and the many more to come. 


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