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Many companies, still manage contract administration through Word, a great deal of printing and having to rely on snail mail. If you are handling one new starter a week then this isn’t a problem. However, if you’re averaging 60 new starters a month and multiple contract renewals and employee change of statuses then this creates a significant volume of work! To combat this issue there are generally only two solutions: bring on more HR staff; or seriously think about implementing an Onboarding system.

NOTE: This is a very limited-seat event.

What’s an Onboarding System?

Hiring more HR staff isn’t a solution for many companies and in fact, reducing HR headcount is the more likely required action. A great alternative is to look at implementing an Onboarding system. An Onboarding system is an online platform that can automate many of the processes involved in contract administration. For example, instead of manually editing a template for every new starter, a contract can be created in a few seconds where it is linked to your recruitment system and the data is pre-populated. An employment pack, all from within the system, can then be attached to the contract and then sent electronically to the candidate for their review and electronic signing. The candidate from their online portal, will one by one, review and action all the items in the pack including contract, tax form, super form and other items in the pack. No more printing and mailing of bulky new employee packs, and best of all no reprinting of information when the package mysteriously gets lost in the mail!

The Format

20 people only boardroom, in one of the best hotels in Sydney. We’re all about the results and the outcome. We do this to get the word out there, that MyRecruitment+ is the pioneer and thought leader in the Online Recruitment & Onboarding space. We don’t do this for profit – we’re not a training or event company who’s looking to make a profit. We want you to walk away from this class feeling that “I’m so glad I decided to attend – it’s 10 times better than I expected” – “Now I’ve got a working account that I can play with, in my own time and demo to my colleagues and management” – “Now I know how to draft a business case for my management”.


The Requirements



The Masterclass Agenda

  • What are the main elements of digital onboarding: Automation, digital signing, smart online forms, internal workflows and the candidate portal
  • The different types of onboarding: New starters contracts/offers, contract renewal and contract variations for existing employees
  • The stakeholders: Hiring managers, HR, payroll and executives
  • The business case: How to prepare a business case for management
  • Implementation plan: How to roll out a digital onboarding system: How to best implement it in your business – a workable project plan
  • Cost estimate: How much should a new digital onboarding system cost for your own business
  • The legal questions: How do you make sure the digital onboarding technology you want to buy, meets the Australian requirements? Especially around digital signing!
  • What’s a template: How to prepare a contract as a template
  • Tax Dec form: How does the online tax declaration formwork
  • The Super form: The online super choice form
  • Induction & training materials: The induction materials and induction video
  • Package all elements under a single online pack: How to set up the entire online pack as a template including contract, forms and PDF(s)
  • Digital singing: How does it work? For both the internal person and for the candidate
  • Internal signing workflow: How to set up an internal approval/signing workflow for one or more people in the company before the pack goes out to the candidate
  • Notify other departments a new employee is starting: Now to setup auto-sharing and auto-notifications to various departments such as IT and procurement
  • The candidate experience
  • Transfer onboarded records into Payroll: How to transfer the onboarding information to payroll (HRMS/HRIS)
  • Integration with HRMS/HRIS/Payroll: How does automatic integration with your own Payroll/HRIS work?
  • Open API: an Open API-based system that allows connecting and integrating with other HR and IT technologies
  • How to work with the payroll team: We’ll share with you real experience on how to best engage the payroll team



Meet the facilitators

Karen Foster

Karen has 15 years’ experience in senior Human Resources Management positions in the private, not for profit and public sectors, spanning the IT & T, consulting, community and health industries. Karen holds an honours degree in Hospitality Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Karen is a certified member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and has strong skills in change management, organisational restructuring, HR systems implementation, employee and industrial relations and enterprise agreement negotiations. Karen is an active member of the Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) Workforce Advisory Committee.


Pav Mayson

As the Client Success Leader at MyRecruitment+ he has helped over 200 Australian organisations with their digital & paperless onboarding. Pav has worked for over 6 years at MyRecruitment+ starting with support and moving to product management and client success.

Basically, Pav loves people and loves seeing new clients succeeding. what he hates is to see our product paid for and yet sitting on the shelf collecting dust! He would do anything to make sure all the users and stakeholders are trained and super motivated to use our platform.

Remember to purchase a ticket as soon as you can, because this is a very limited seat event!

We look forward to seeing there – cheers!

The Team @ MyRecruitment+

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