Recruiting Trends to come in 2018!

It’s 2018! And with the new year; comes new trends, new technologies and new ideas that will impact how, where and who we recruit!  It’s important for your organization or agency to stay up to date with current recruiting trends to ensure you don’t fall behind and miss out on the best candidates. So let’s buckle up and explore the new trends to come in 2018!

1. Focus on Candidate Experience

In the past, recruiting was very much focused on the ‘Advertise & Apply’ model; where recruiters focused their efforts in advertising the job and then sorting through tonnes of candidate applications. However, in 2018, it is predicted that a ‘Find & Engage’ approach will replace the older model through advancements in recruitment software technology, artificial intelligence, and data science. The ‘Find’ element will involve using advanced Recruitment Software to search deep within candidate pools and extrapolate meaningful qualities in order to find the best fit for the role. This can significantly accelerate the candidate short-listing process.

The ‘Engage’ element refers to the candidate experience and the importance of understanding candidates priorities and aspirations. Candidate experience will become the key differentiator that decides whether or not you will attract and secure a promising candidate. Businesses and agencies that are slow, outdated and providing minimal candidate training will lose talented candidates to organizations that pay great attention to the candidate journey during the interviewing and onboarding stages. Candidates now want better communication, faster updates and access to their application via any device. In 2018, make sure your recruitment software provides a mobile-optimized career site, allows for fast and easy interview scheduling and communication; and a paperless onboarding process.

Key Tip: Have a Mobile Optimised career site. Make sure your current recruitment software has advanced filtering and candidate sorting options.

2. Re-invention of the Interview Process

The traditional interview process has been changing in the past year through the emergence of video interviewing. Video interviewing comes with a range of benefits for both the candidate and the recruiter. It eases the burden of scheduling, is convenient and allows for a more consistent & fair interview process. Although traditional face-to-face interviews are still here to stay, video interviewing allows for an unbiased interview process where soft skills and weaknesses are more able to be tested. So it’s pretty clear that the popularity of video interviews will increase in 2018. Does the recruitment software you use allow for video interview job applications? If not, we recommend you switch to one that does in 2018!

Key Tip: Make sure your Recruiting Software allows for & is able to process video interviews.

3. AI in recruiting

Advancements in AI will not only affect HOW we recruit but also WHO we recruit. No matter what type of business you are currently in, HR departments need to understand the impact of AI on their workforce. As advancements in AI occur, technology can now be implemented to take over manual work; creating a demand for more skilled, strategic and creative candidates.  Another way AI will impact recruitment is through the application of augmented and virtual reality itself. Technologies such as You Visit provide VR workplace experience, VR interviews, mock client meetings and experimental job advertisements are likely to build greater candidate attraction and experience.  An example of this is Barminco, an underground mining company who use VR tours to understand how potential candidates react to the underground mining environment. They also provide interactive training via VR tech as seen in the video below.

Key Tip: Stay up to date with upcoming AI technology and determine areas in your workplace that could be replaced with tech.

4. Increasing Value for Diversity

According to the 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report, “78% of talent professionals and hiring managers say that diversity is the top trend impacting how they hire”. Diversity within the workplace in terms of employee background, gender and skills are becoming increasingly popular in order to address skill shortages, broaden candidate appeal and improve workplace productivity. As the value of diversity increases, HR departments need to be able to attract, process, onboard and integrate a new diverse pool of candidates into the organization. AI could also come into play here through screening resumes to reduce the occurrence of unconscious bias. With growing evidence that diverse teams can lead to improved productivity, innovation and engagement – companies that don’t diversify could see shrinking talent pools and will fall behind.

Key Tip: Address how you can improve diversity in your workplace.

In this technological age; the recruiting world is changing at an unprecedented rate on both the candidate and employer fronts. If you want to source the best candidates and create a productive workplace; keep an eye out for these trends and make sure to adapt! Don’t be left behind in 2017!


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