Say Goodbye to Project Managers with Modern Recruitment Software!

Not looking forward to the lengthy implementation process of a recruitment software?

Is the thought of a lengthy implementation process for an ATS putting you off?

What if I told you that in the time you take to read this article, you could have your own recruitment software, job-board and career site up and running?!

That’s right! No Project Managers. No Implementation Team. No extra resourcing needed.

New world recruitment software no longer needs project managers to help with the implementation plan. We know what you’re thinking! “How will we possibly get new software integrated with our business without a project manager?” Well for starters, a project manager is simply no longer necessary for the implementation to happen.

In fact, Technology Advice went as far as saying that “Project managers are broken cogs in the process of innovation and production”. This is because as innovation occurs, modern software essentially looks after all the tasks that project managers used to have to implement. So in the new era, why waste money on project managers and an entire implementation team when the modern software and the supplier can do it for you?

In the HR industry, Modern Recruitment technology no longer needs a long implementation plan spanning over weeks to be properly integrated with existing HR systems. In less than 48 hours, you could have your new Recruitment Software up and running. Easy to integrate software and user-friendly systems also means that the days of time spent on employee training are now gone!

Now let’s take a deeper look into how the Modern ATS makes the role of project managers unnecessary:

old vs new recruiting software

  • No Software installation and Minimal IT Input required – Old-world applicant tracking software requires your IT department to install and continuously maintain the software. Find yourself a modern recruitment software where no software installation and minimal IT input is required!
  • Easy to roll-out  – A modern recruitment software will be easy to use and completely user-friendly which means minimal training of staff is required to use the platform effectively. Yesteryear Applicant Tracking Softwares were not built with a friendly user interface in mind, so project managers needed deal with multiple stakeholders to ensure the software was rolled out effectively. So make sure you choose an ATS that suits your unique HR environment and team!
  • Integration with entire HR ecosystem in 48 hours – Gone are the days when project managers needed to oversee the integration of a new recruitment software with payroll, reference checking and HRMS systems. Modern recruitment platforms take care of these integrations in a seamless process. Whether you are a small company and just need to integrate the ATS with your website or a big company that needs to integrate with multiple HRMS; a well-built modern ATS should be able to take care of all of it for you.
  • Full Support as and when required – Old-world recruitment software charge you thousands every time your project manager, HR or IT team picks up the phone to call for extra support. Not to mention, some ATS support is designed as a ticket system, where the providers only get back to you weeks or even months later. Modern recruitment software that offers full support, multiple and complete implementation into HRMS; is the key to having no needed project managers.
  • Easy Set-Up – Project Managers also deal with the setup of the software among multiple stakeholders, HR, and internal divisions. But, why not let a modern recruitment software take care of all of this for you?

Once upon a time, project managers were needed to manage all the above aspects in yesteryear ATS platforms. But a well built new-world modern platform will take care of all aspects of implementation, saving you thousands on hiring project managers and other members of the implementation team.

All in all, a project manager is no longer required or necessary for the implementation of modern Recruiting Software. Let your recruitment software provide take care of the implementation process for you. So if the current ATS you are thinking of implementing has a massive implementation plan or needs a project manager with a team to integrate into your company – we recommend you find an agile Free Recruitment Software that doesn’t!


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