Five reasons why you can upgrade to MyRecruitment+

MyRecruitment+ is a specialized web-based recruitment software transforming the workflow efficiency of HR and recruitment professionals. We pride ourselves in developing a premium software that’s obligation and risk-free.

Have you been meaning to upgrade your current recruitment software to a more agile and modern system but think it’s too difficult?
Software changes don’t have to be painful, allow us to the hard work for you and convince you that making the change is as easy as using MyRecruitment+.

#1. Free plan 

MyRecruitment+ is proud to offer a free plan that packs the best of our recruitment software into an easy-to-use web interface. Our free plan isn’t a trial version, we set no time limitations to allow the new user to experience the platform at their own pace. 

Don’t be forced into free trials or demos from other recruitment software providers,  we offer a totally FREE account platform for you to experience the maximum benefits of MyRecruitment+. 

Our free plan is free for life, we don’t push 2-week trial limitations or ask for demo fees. We believe the product should speak for itself and allow you to take control of the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) without sales reps calling you every day or a hundred spam emails asking you for payment details.

Currently, we are the only recruitment software who offer a free plan because we believe in the try before you buy principle. We have nothing to lose by offering this free plan, and nor do you!

#2. No lock-in contracts

We understand you may be locked into your current recruitment software contract. At MyRecruitment+ our plans are completely obligation-free. We don’t lock you into long term contracts, and then charge you exorbitant cancellation fees.

We don’t believe in forced client loyalty, it should be earned. We gain our client’s trust with no sales gimmicks, cold calls or spam emails. If you reach out to us, one of our Client Success representatives will contact you and help you in any way we can.

We take a refreshing approach to maintaining client loyalty. We simply allow our product to do it’s job so you can do yours better!

#3. No Implementation Cost

Implementation costs is one of the biggest risk-factors when deciding to transition to a new software. This often becomes the biggest barrier-to-entry and lengthens the implementation process due to indecisive executive budgeting decisions. MyRecruitment+ aims to lead a new industry standard with zero implementation costs and zero upfront investment commitments.

We work with you to customise your company account and ensure nothing gets lost in translation with the tech-lingo. The implementation process is a collaborative journey between you and our product specialist who works hard to configure your account to fit your unique company. We don’t force our clients to change their processes to meet our Applicant Tracking System, MyRecruitment+ can be tailored to fit your company’s needs. We actively listen to our client’s recruiting issues and work to customise your platform to solve them. Not only does tailoring your platform benefit your company, it helps us expand our product offering. Talk about win-win!

Implementation is made pain-free with MyRecruitment+. With no hefty upfront investment, what are you waiting for? Make the change now!

#4. No Training Cost

MyRecruitment+ is a free applicant tracking system accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Little to no training is required because our software’s interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Our modern and sophisticated user interface empowers users who aren’t so tech-savvy to adopt our platform with ease and success.

We’ve worked hard to design a user interface that’s both easy to navigate and requires little brain power to learn. Our web-based software is very intuitive to adopt, and even easier to teach new users. No more lengthy training seminars, or wasted man-hours training new users. MyRecruitment+ is easily adaptable for all users of any computer competency levels, you could teach it to your grandmother!

If you do need extra help along the way, speak to one of our excellent support team members and there’s nothing they can’t do!

#5. Save money by upgrading to MyRecruitment+

Not only will you be upgrading to a better system, transitioning to MyRecruitment+ can actually save your company up to 80% of what you’re paying for your current recruitment software. By upgrading to My Recruitment Plus you’ll be earning your company a long-term saving opportunity. 

We don’t believe in invoicing our clients for every small issue that arises or charging for maintenance fees just because we can. When our clients raise issues with us, we take it as an improvement opportunity and treat the situation as a win-win!

With a $0 activation fee, $0 for training and $0 for implementation, how much money can you save your organization? We know in successful companies numbers talk, or in our case – we let the number zero do the talking.


“For us at FerosCare the candidate experience is critical, and so it was imperative to select a recruitment software that allows us to self-customize every candidate touch-point.  

This is important because it allowed us to strike the right balance between on one hand we were able to collect the adequate level of information about the candidates in order to make informed selection decisions, and on the other hand, we wanted to make sure the application experience remained modern, fast and worked on mobiles.”

– Karen Foster, Director of People and Culture


“MyRecruitment+ has made our advertising much easier, now it is done with a click of a button and if we alter an advert MyRecruitment+ automatically updates the advertisements. 

The onboarding system is amazing and has really automated and sped up our recruitment process.  We have had great support throughout the process from MyRecruitment+ and they are always helpful with any queries we have had.”


– Ann Johnson, Manager People and Culture

Do we have you convinced yet?

Create your free account now and see why hundreds of companies are already making the switch. 


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