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Having a career site that’s mobile enabled, sharp and reflects your employer brand… can make a huge difference to how potential employees engage with your jobs.


Mobile-enabled – Mobile Candidate Experience

Our dev team is a pioneer of the “Responsive Web Design” – this is the technology that enables the same site to display correctly, on both desktop and mobile devices.

Right now the career sites we develop for our clients, take advantage of years of R&D and millions of dollars in investment – these sites are built on a world-class responsive platform that enables them to perfectly work on mobiles, tablets as well as desktops.

Mobile Candidate Experience does matter – over 50% of all job seekers look for jobs on their mobile devices and most of the ones interviewed said that they would think negatively about the brand if they have bad experience while interacting with the site from their mobiles and they would therefore move on to the next site.

Dynamic Screening Questions

The career sites we build for our clients are fully integrated with our Recruitment Software system MyRecruitmentPlus.
So from the system and in a few clicks, you can choose what screening questions you want a particular job to have – changes made in the system, are reflected instantly on the career site.  The ATS (Application Tracking System) capability in our Recruitment System gives our users full flexibility and control over their screening questions.  Our users can have a set of screening questions templates – one of each type of job and then in a single click they can attach a template to a job.  Alternatively on the fly they can if they want alter the template and add or remove more questions if they need to.



Socially Connected – drive applicants back to your site to apply

You can share your job ad that you create in MyRecruitmentPlus onto any site in the world… social sites or job boards it makes no difference.
You can either post the ad directly from our system or manually create it on the site itself. In either case, applicants are re-directed back to your career site to apply and are put through the same screening question funnel.


Employer of choice positioning

Having the right messaging and supported by images and videos can work together to display the employer-of-choice image, the business wants to reflect. This also empowers potential employees to better engage with the job openings on the site.


DropBox and Google Drive Resumes

Candidates can also apply by attaching their resumes directly from cloud storage sites such as DropBox, Google Drive or MS One Drive. This is also very important for mobile users.


Keep your content up to date – easy to use CMS

Our platform is built on top of a Content Management System (CMS) which is very important for HR and Marketing.
Creating the initial content when you first develop the site is one thing but keeping it up to date is equally as important.
Having MS word-like CMS to update your content from… empowers the HR or Marketing staff, to make their own content changes without having to always wait for the technology provider to make the changes for them.


Apply with seek and LinkedIn

Our career site platform is integrated with Seek, LinkedIn and other social sites… which gives candidates the choice of applying with their social profiles instead of having to find and attach their resumes from a local disk, which isn’t always possible!
This is particularly important for mobile users – research shows that otherwise candidates simply drop off the application process and go to the next link in their Google search.


Free $15,000 career site

As you might know, our business model is subscription-based and so we don’t force our clients to sign a contract if they don’t want to. However, if a client signs up for 12 months, then we would design and build a beautiful and mobile-enabled career site for them, worth $15,000 and absolutely free.
Click on the button below to see a few example career sites that we have built for some of our clients.


Career Site



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