Recruitment, onboarding…. and payroll – working in harmony!

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Would you rather get all your HR software from one supplier with the full knowledge, that half of the modules you’re buying are very inferior?

What if I told you that integrating the products from two companies would enable you to have the best solution in each category and without any compromising!

MyRecruitmentPlus is built on open architecture and therefore can integrate with any Payroll System you choose. The same java-based architectures that companies like Facebook and Google use in their products.

This way, you can get the best “Recruitment & On-boarding” software from us… integrate it with your favourite Payroll system and have, the best of the two worlds working seamlessly for you!

Best-of-breed v.s. One-stop-shop has been a big debate in the IT industry for as long as I can remember… but with the incredible developments in technology and the unprecedented specialisations that suppliers like us, have been able to achieve in their corresponding categories… best-of-breed has been more and more the preferred choice.  Having said that though… it really varies from one company to another, what those boundaries are – I’m referring to the boundaries of the product offering they feel is best of them from a particular supplier.

Also it’s important to note that not every company wants to adopt the full offering from a particular supplier.  For example company A might only want to use our Recruitment Module – company B might want to use the On-boarding module by itself and so on.  So every company needs to decide on the optimal set of modules from one or more suppliers in order to assemble the perfect set of feature they require in their working environment.

From day 1 here at MyRecruitment+ we have recognised that our Recruitment Software offering will make the perfect partner with both HRMS (or HRIS) and Payroll providers.

With HRMS, we believe that an integration would be amazing… I’m referring to be able to pull all the job type data from the HRMS into MyRecruitmentPlus during the requisition workflow.  So when a hiring manager is filling out a request-to-hire form… how great would it be if the job types available for them on the requisition form… actually are populated live from the HRMS.  Not only that… how good would it also be if, when the hiring manager chooses a job type, other fields on our forms are automatically pre-populated based on that job type selection – so these are things like, salary information, location/site, who to report to, benefits, allowances etc.  So whether you’re looking for a Recruitment System only or for a Recruitment Software that includes on-boarding module… you should always ensure that the Recruitment Software you’re about to purchase is built on an open architecture and that the company is willing to integrate their recruitment system with your favourite Payroll system that you have or you intend to purchase in the future.

We are in the process of integrating MyRecruitmentPlus with both Preceda and Meridian Micropay.

We also have clients who use Aurion, Chris21 (Frontier Software) and PayGlobal (from MYOB)… and so we’ll soon start talking with these three providers in the views of finalising the integration with both of them by the end of next quarter.

So if you have a favourite Payroll system… and you’d like to see it working in harmony with the best, most agile and open “recruitment & onboarding system” in the world… then you should definitely talk to us.



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