MyRecruitmentPlus sponsored ITAC-2015 and put on an Opener breakfast

Last November MyRecruitmentPlus sponsored the ITAC 2015 – we were a Gold Sponsor of ITAC 2015.

The conference was held at the Gold Coast a the Jupiters Hotel and Casino.

We also put on a complementary but exclusive ITAC-opener, 5 star breakfast… the Jupiters way!

It was business breakfast that’s hosted within the conference area for convenience… and was focused on best practice for implementing a “CLOUD-based Recruitment System.

This breakfast was focused on “The Best Practice In CLOUD Recruitment Strategy”. It featured Karen Foster the head of people and culture at Feros Care and Anwar Khalil our CEO. Anwar and Karen spoke about the 10 things you must do when implementing a new Online Recruitment Strategy for a business.

Every company needs to have the correct Recruitment Strategy whether it’s Outsourcing, RPO, agencies or in-house or a hybrid of all of the above.  Having a Recruitment Software for HR to manage the process is essential regardless to the strategy – no matter who’s doing the actual sourcing, HR still needs a recruitment system to capture and report.

Karen and Anwar also showed case the latest technology in Career Sites, including:

  • Mobile-enabled
  • Employer of choice branding
  • CMS & SEO
  • Custom screening questions
  • “Apply with Seek” Profile
  • Apply with Social Profiles
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Resume Parsing and many more


The breakfast went very well and I have to say that the interaction with the IT leaders that attended the breakfast was very encouraging – I felt that we added value to their knowledge about what are the important things that they must do when implementing a recruitment system, equally as important though… I felt that they could see what’s possible – we were able to show them what’s possible – the amazing automations when it comes to screening questions and the employer branding capabilities as well as how important the mobile experience for candidates.

I have to say that I was impressed with how seriously the aged care industry takes IT – the IT leaders seemed absolute world-class professionals who are super informed and opened for think outside of the box when looking to solving problems and create competitive advantage for their businesses.

I also met with lots of GMs and CEOs too – and I felt the same too… they take IT seriously and look to IT for competitive advantage and so they certainly noted how much efficiency they can create and cost saving if the were to implement a recruitment system like MyRecruitmentPlus.

Aged care will always be competitive and therefore businesses in this space have to constantly look for ways to create savings and cost cutting – so just streamlining their request-to-recruit process but getting rid of the paper forms and turning it into mobile-approval forms would create lots of efficiencies – just this module alone would be life changing for some of these businesses… let alone the rest of the modules that can save a business over 30 hours for every new hire.

Also i have to note how open they were to work with pure cloud-based system like MyRecruitmentPlus.

And so our stand was always busy and we ran out of the promotional materials that we were giving away at the stand – we must’ve done over 20 demos over the two days too.

So all in all it was a very enjoyable and successful conference for us and we felt that learned a lot about the aged care industry in Australia and built some strong relationships too.



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