Post jobs for multiple brands… yet from a single logon

Do you post jobs on behalf of multiple brands?

Do you require that each ad is branded accordingly?

And how about the communication emails… do they also need to match the right brand too?

Using the “Multi-branding” module in our Recruitment Software MyRecruitmentPlus, you can post ads under multiple brands… and from the same logon i.e. Say goodbye to having to logon under 5 different users to post for 5 brands!


Screenshot 01

Multiple standout logos



It works on SEEK, your own career site and any other job-board.

It covers logos in the search results, ad templates and every subsequent email communication with the applicants.


Screenshot 02

Multiple ad templates


This feature has been a huge interest of ours because of our strong background with Recruitment Advertising – after all we created the “Job Multi-posting” category when we launched adlogic in 2003.

From those early days marketing managers alway had requirements to cater for more than one brand – whether it’s Adecco Randstand the two largest Recruitment Businesses in the world or even a 3 people recruitment business… there was always requirement for catering for multiple brands – in large agencies however there was specific people advertising for each brand and therefore although there was multiple brands… it was ok that each user can only see one of the brands.  However in smaller agencies and in some corporate HR departments… there was a case for the same recruitment advertising professional having to advertise under more than one brand – and this where the problem stemmed from.  So the only option such user has, is to have multiple accounts with multiple logons and so the user would switch between the accounts in order to advertise for the right brand.

But as you can imagine that’s not ideal… especially when the same user had 5 brands to look after for example.  And so say hello to the “Multi-branding” feature that I’m talking about in this article.

Our multi-branding enables the same professional form the above scenario to have only a single logon and all they have to do to then is choose form a drop down what brand they wish to advertise a role under…. and everything will just happen like magic.  Templates, logos, various accounts with various job-boards etc… all that will change based on that single magical drop down selection.

This feature has literally changed the lives of some of our users – they were having nightmares remembering user names and passwords… and having to maintain the same information in up to 10 accounts.  They just loved it!

After doing all that… a few months later a client came and said to us… look this is great and yes it has changed my life – it has saved me a lot of time… but with one of my brands, we require different recruitment process i.e.  We need different set of stages and their corresponding auto-emails too.

And so we went back to the drawing board and guess what???? the magical drop down had gotten even more magical because now not only the ad will be advertised accordingly but when the recruiter goes to mange the applications for a role… the entire recruitment process will also be changed accordingly too.

And so that was really nice complementary aspect to this feature.  I truly believe that multi-branding feature is essential to have in our Recruitment Software and our clients love it.

If this feature is applicable to your business, then I can make sure it’s available in your trial account.

Until next time.
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