Useful tip for recruiters – Capture screening questions while you’re on the phone

Do you conduct Phone Screening calls?

Do you normally have a standard list of questions that you ask during these calls?

Or perhaps multiple lists – one for each position type?

Well if you do, then did you know that you can create these lists into our Recruitment Software MRPlus?

This means that:

  • You can capture the answers straight into the system, while you’re on the phone with the candidate, and;
  • You can later on filter your candidate search, based on answers from these questions?


In the below screenshot, the user has two screening question templates: One for “Store Positions” and one for “Head Office Positions”


Screenshot 01

Two Phone Screening Templates



The interesting thing here to note is that you don’t have to have only one template – you can have multiple templates depending on what type of roles and how many type of roles that you normally recruit for.

Also something else to note is that… you can create and manage your own questions and your own templates.

Older and non-enterprise grade recruitment systems did a good job at allowing recruiters to electronically capture the conversation they have with a candidate over the phone during a phone screening session… they allowed you to set your own multi-choice questions in some cases – in some systems they only allowed you to only have text boxes for your questions.  In most cases however they allowed you to nicely save all those key points of the conversation in their own custom fields and against the candidate record (the application record to be more precise).

However, almost in every case… those systems failed to a)  Make sure that those fields are searchable and b)  Failed to allow the recruiters (the suers) to link a subset of those fields… to their application forms.


a)  Make sure that those fields searchable

One thing to collect all this data from candidates while interviewing… also it’s important to be able to file this data against the relevant candidates files… but it’s something else is to be able to intelligently search on the questions and specific answers of each of them… if and when a recruiter deems helpful for them find the right people the want to talk to first.

b) Allow the recruiters to link a subset of those fields to their application forms

Ask yourself this question – what’s the % of these questions, which the candidates themselves could actually provide the answers for, while applying?

If the the answers is a lot of them, then why not linking some of these questions to the application forms and let the candidates provide the answers to them… right there and then when they’re applying?

So the trick though… is not to duplicate the same questions within the application form – the trick is to link the same exact questions.  This way you only have to create them once and when you search on the questions, you’ll get the answers regardless to whether the you the user or the candidate had typed the answers.



Please get in touch with my team if you’re interested in how we implement these features in our Recruitment System MyRecruitmentPlus – they can even show you how to create and manage these screening question templates yourself… and so even during a trial you’ll be able to experience this feature.



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