Targeted Reverse Marketing!

Passive candidates are very important in recruitment and stats tells us that only a small number of passive candidates actually go onto job-boards and apply for ads.

So recruiters need to be able to contact those passive candidates who aren’t looking for work and pitch their current jobs to those candidates.

But it clearly needs to be done in a targeted way otherwise candidates become annoyed and they would lose respect for those recruiters who bombard them with irrelevant jobs.

  • Powerful candidate database
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities within your candidate database
  • Talent Pools (communities) features
  • Bulk email, SMS and other communication channels
  • Etc.

These are all important tools that a recruiter needs to have within their recruitment software platform in order to unlock the reverse marketing potential.


Powerful candidate database

At a minimum, you need to be able to capture the information the candidate information that important for your company in the candidate record and be able to search and filter on all this data.

Your database needs to be directly connected with all the job-boards so when candidates apply to one of your jobs from any job-board, they directly go into your database.  Also, your database needs to be able to parse their resume and automatically flag them and capture their key work history information.


Powerful search and filtering capabilities within your candidate database

  • Keyword search on every word inside their resume no matter where the resume came from or in which format it came.
  • Powerful boolean capabilities


Talent Pools (communities)

One thing to have the ability to tag and place your candidates into various talent pools but it’s another thing to make your users actually adopt it.  What I’m trying to say is, it needs to be fast and convenient to use otherwise it’ll sit on the shelf collecting dust.

Also once talent pools are being created, you need to be able to further search (zoom) on those talent pools.

For example:  Within my “Registered Nurse” talent pools, I want to find those who:

  • Are in 20KM from Sydney
  • Have “AHPRA” AND “assessment” AND “communication” in their resume
  • And someone who’s already been progressed for one of our roles in the future
  • And the ones who we haven’t placed yet (or haven’t played in the last 3 years)
  • etc.

Powerfull bulk Emails/SMS tools

Once you’ve narrowed your search to the list of candidates who are a match for potential candidates… you then need to communicate with them int he most efficient way possible.

  • Bulk Emails
  • Bulk SMS
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Etc.

You can now match candidates to clients/prospects and reverse market them with targeted email campaigns.  Once your campaign is sent out, you can then:

  • Find out who opened your email campaign, and;
  • See who clicked on links you might’ve had in the campaign emails.


We’ve always said, here at MyRecruitment+ that every job ad is an opportunity to add new prospects to your talent pools (replenish your pools).  Otherwise, it’s a waste of advertising dollars and missed opportunity and that’s why it’s important to have a powerful cloud-based database, one that’s connected to all the job-boards so applications from everywhere fall into it and in the correct segments… and one that allows you to bulk communicate with prospective candidates and pitch your jobs to them.


Please call Support to show you how to get started with this new feature.


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